Baby Isabella’s milestone photo session | Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

The “sitter” session (as it is widely referred to in the photography industry) is one of my absolute favorites.  The baby has mastered the milestone of sitting all by his or herself and that is definitely reason to celebrate!  Here at Julie Collins Photography I like to capture “stages” not “ages.”  This means that rather than photographing a six month old just because traditionally this is when a milestone session would occur, I work closely with mom and dad keeping tabs on when baby is sitting unassisted.  Typically that happens around seven months.

By waiting you get a much bigger variety of images.

Baby girl laughing and smiling lying on wood floor

I make it a point to capture some belly shots, on the back shots, sitting unassisted, standing assisted (if possible), and nibbling toe pictures, which are my favorite.  I loved it when my own kids went through that stage and definitely want that captured in imagery for mom and dad.
Baby girl on belly looking at camera
Here’s a glimpse into sweet Isabella’s milestone “sitter” session.  She rocked it out!  Isabella loved her toes!  She is always a pleasure to photograph.  So sweet, so happy and so photogenic!  I love spending time with this sweetheart.
Baby girl seven months old looking at camera
Baby girl on back looking at camera
Three pictures of baby girl playing with feet