Nesting for your baby is such a special time and putting together the nursery with your partner is such a bonding experience! I remember putting together my first son’s nursery. We painted the room a fun color and carefully chose what to hang on the walls. I wish I had taken more photos of my son’s nursery to remember what it looked like now that he is older.

I’d love to share a few reasons why you should consider having your maternity session in your nursery while introducing you to sweet baby Bryson! I was lucky enough to take his lovely mom’s maternity session in his adorable nursery at her request and his precious newborn photos there shortly after he arrived.

Newborn Photgraphy

4 Reasons to Have Your Maternity Session in Your Nursery 

These are my top four reasons why having your maternity session in the nursery might be the perfect fit for you! One thing is for sure, no matter where you have your maternity session done, it’s such a wonderful opportunity to bond with your partner over the excitement of your new arrival!

  1. Enjoy Comfort and Privacy

Don’t get me wrong, I love maternity sessions in the studio or in the perfect outdoor location. However, there is something so comfortable and peaceful about having this session done in your own home. You don’t need to worry about anyone looking at you during your outdoor session and there’s no stressing over the weather. 

Maternity Photography

  1. Freeze-Frame the Perfect Nursery

You’ve worked hard at designing the perfect nursery for your sweet babe. Hopefully, you’re able to spend time in your nursery and enjoy this room while dreaming about all the future memories that will happen there. As the year goes by, the nursery will change to reflect your child’s interests and passions. By having your maternity session in the nursery, you can freeze-frame the nursery as it is now. 

Maternity Photography

  1. Capture Sentimental Pieces

Having your maternity session in the nursery allows for any sentimental pieces and memories to be incorporated on a whim! No need to pack it up for an outdoor session. I loved it during this maternity session when the family cat jumped on the changing table like, “Hey! Don’t forget about me!” This mama had her first precious ultrasound framed in the nursery and we were able to capture a few sweet moments of her holding it. 

Maternity Session at Home

Maternity Photography

  1. Before and After You Bring Your Baby Home

Imagine turning the pages of your baby’s album. The first few pages are of you in the nursery with beautiful anticipation. You turn the page and see the exact same nursery with you holding your baby in your arms. The story of welcoming your baby into your family is told beautifully when the images are captured in the nursery both before and after you bring baby home. This story can be brilliantly and seamlessly told in an album encompassing the images from both sessions.


Maternity Photography

No matter if you’re looking to have your maternity session done in your nursery, outside, or in a studio session, I would be honored to photograph this exciting and special time. Let’s set up a time to chat so I can learn more about what you’re looking for in a photographer. 

Newborn Photography

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