5 Benefits of a Studio Portrait Session

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When you think of a studio portrait session what’s the first thing you think of? If it’s taking a trip to the local mall to visit a certain department store you probably also remember the long wait times and the limited options for backdrops and props that often left you wanting more creative choices. 

For all these reasons and more, people started to embrace the surge of outdoor photography sessions. But, if you haven’t considered a studio portrait session since, ahem, the mall days, it might be time to revisit this type of session, they’ve come a long way! While there are many reasons to love the look of outdoor photos, let’s explore the many benefits of a studio session vs an outdoor session. 

5 Reasons to Choose a Studio Portrait Session


1. Controlled Environment – Let’s face it, even with your best intentions for a perfect day for your outdoor photos, Wisconsin weather often has other plans. You could wake up to beautiful sunny weather on your photo session day, and a couple of hours later, it could drop 20 degrees and turn cloudy and windy. Colder weather can pose challenges for outdoor photo sessions because it can make the subjects appear uncomfortable, leading to less natural and relaxed poses.

At the Julie Collins Photography studio, it’s always the perfect temperature, so there’s no reason to ever cancel because of inclement weather! Furthermore, studios offer complete control over lighting and the background, ensuring consistent and ideal conditions for photography.

Studio portrait session

2. Convenience – Located conveniently in Downtown Oconomowoc, my studio is centrally located and easy to find. It’s also easily accessible with an elevator if you have a stroller or are including extended family members in your photo session who might have limited mobility, such as those special grandparents. Want to make a day out of your session? 

My studio’s location is perfectly situated to stop for coffee or ice cream at one of the many charming shops, grab lunch or dinner, or take a stroll by the lake across the street. Don’t forget to ask me about my personal recommendations. I love this area, and I’m raising my own family here so I know of all the hidden gems! Just ask.

3. Flexibility –  Indoor sessions offer versatility in terms of backdrops and sets, allowing me to tailor the environment to suit different themes, styles, or your specific preferences. Indoor sessions also offer added flexibility in terms of timing and scheduling, which can be so important if you have younger children and babies. We can set up sessions at times that align with your child’s natural routines, avoiding nap and meal times, ensuring they’re happier and more cooperative! The sun doesn’t have to be the boss of us!

4. Classic Backdrop – Gone are the days of the blue and pink laser light backdrop; if you know, you know. There’s something to be said about a classic backdrop. Whether you prefer the clean, classic, and modern look of an all-white backdrop or elegant black. Backdrops can not only make a statement, but are timeless. Backdrops have a way of storytelling and are a blank canvas for whatever look you desire. I will collaborate with you before your studio session to pinpoint the specific style you envision so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

5. No Permit Hassles – There’s no denying that there are many beautiful options for a backdrop for outdoor sessions in our area. Whether you’re looking for a fairytale garden look, your favorite sports arena, a more modern backdrop like the Milwaukee Art Museum, or prefer the sun-kissed beachy look of Lake Michigan. These are all great and stunning options, but what a lot of people don’t realize is some of the most popular outdoor locations you envision may require permits and permissions which can not only prolong your session but can be costly. Indoor studio sessions eliminate this hassle altogether.

Oconomowoc’s Premier Studio Photographer

I’m passionate about creating beautiful indoor portrait sessions that capture the essence of your unique personality. As a Certified Professional Photographer, I’m here to guide you through the entire portrait photography process to make it a seamless experience from our initial call to when I stop by to install your portrait artwork. 

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