Packing for the hospital is so fun! That means you’re so close to meeting your new baby! There are many hospital packing lists online, but I wanted to share the 5 unexpected items that really helped me. If you’re an expecting mama, I hope this helps you pack! Your precious newborn will be here soon.

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Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Check with your doctor and ask what the hospital will provide you. If you Google for a printable hospital bag checklist, there are quite a few items that the hospital provides such as diapers, pads, mesh underwear, lanolin, etc!

Here are 10 Things You Need to Bring

  1. Toiletries
  2. Your glasses/contacts
  3. Chapstick 
  4. Nursing bra
  5. Nursing pads 
  6. Going home clothes for you
  7. Going home clothes for baby 
  8. Couple of snacks
  9. Your partner’s necessities 
  10. Tablet to watch shows or movies 

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5 Unexpected Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

And now for my list of the 5 unexpected things to pack for your hospital birth! Are any of these very surprising? Is there something I should include? Let me know!

  1. Extra Long Chargers 

Bring at least two extra-long chargers! Sometimes the hospital bed is far away from the nearest outlet, so it’s super nice when you have the long charger to reach the distance. You and your partner are going to be using your phones a lot between taking those first precious photos to FaceTiming family. 

  1. Small personal fan 

Giving birth is a workout! No joke! My small battery-operated personal fan was a Godsend. Pro tip: have your honey hold it for you while you’re doing all the work bringing his child into the world! 

  1. Portable Speaker 

You’ll want to bring this for labor and delivery as well as after! Some mamas make a “Push Playlist” to listen to while they labor. I really enjoyed having my speaker for some quiet music after the birth when we were relaxing as a family. 

  1. Sleep Mask 

I know, you’re probably thinking, “How will I sleep!?” It’s tough to sleep in a noisy hospital room and those few hours or minutes of sleep you can grab are so important. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make your hospital room truly dark. Wearing a sleep mask can block out light and help you try to snooze.

  1. Your Boppy or Breastfeeding Pillow

This was so helpful to have with me in the hospital! It was nice to have for support while breastfeeding and learn how to use it to get into breastfeeding positions. Not breastfeeding? Having a Boppy or a pillow from home would still be helpful for holding and snuggling your new baby!

I can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy! I love talking about pregnancy to raising great kids and everything in between. I would love to become your trusted family photographer for years to come! Let’s set up a time to chat. 

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