The cake smash is a once-in-a-lifetime type of session so you might as well ‘DO IT UP’ as they say!  Check out the awesome advice this one year old has to give on how to pull off the cutest one year session ever:

1. Demand that only the very best and most complicated props as seen on Pinterest be made by your Mommy and Daddy.  Pick things that you can play with afterwards like this awesome tee pee!
Birthday girlOne year birthday sessionOne year prop

2. Make just enough of a fuss to prompt your Mommy to ask Daddy to run back to the car at least seven times to retrieve necessary items to keep happy.
Family cake smashOne year sessionOne year mommy

3. Show off your skills! Now is the time to demonstrate all of the work you’ve put in this last year. You can probably stand, definitely crawl, and maybe even walk by now. Let’s see it!
One year oldOne year picturesMilestone birthdayOne year portrait session

4. Take advantage of as many breaks as possible to tickle, play and snuggle with your Mom and Dad in between pictures. If that lady with that big black thing in front of her face tries to put it in front of yours make some noise because that seems to make her go away (for a minute or two anyway).
One year old girlOne year with DaddyOne year pictures (2)Waukesha cake smash

5. Show a variety of ALL emotions so that when you are bigger you have pictures to laugh at together with your Mom and Dad. There’s nothing better!
One year portrait

6. Get messy! When else in your life are you encouraged to smash into a cake? This is your BIG CHANCE! But don’t get too crazy…afterall you are probably wearing the cutest outfit that must be worn again.
Cake smash girlCake smash birthdayCake smash sessionCake smashOne year birthday
One year cake smash
So there you have it…straight from the mouth of a princess who’s been there done that.  Follow those steps and you can’t possibly go wrong!

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