You’ve been dreaming up your perfect newborn portrait session almost since you first found out you were pregnant. You can imagine the sweet images of your baby all curled up and happy. You’ve hired a photographer to capture this time but wonder if there is anything you can do to make this session go off without a hitch. I’m excited to share some tips on how to prepare for your newborn session today. I thought who better than to ask a recent mom to share? 

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Here are 6 tips on how to prepare for your newborn photo session from recent newborn client Claire Lauer.

  1. COVID Worries 

Of course, COVID-19 was a concern. I’m not here to sway you on anything COVID-19 related, but I’m happy to share my thoughts and experience. We limited the visitors to our home; however, we had recently left the hospital where we had medical and hospital staff in and out of our room all the time. Everyone at the hospital wore masks and washed their hands. So, having a photographer come to our home and follow those same guidelines felt comfortable to us. I completely understand if that’s not comfortable for you. 

Julie wore a mask the entire time she was in our home, washed her hands thoroughly, and was very careful. We trust Julie that if she did feel sick or had recently been exposed that she would have communicated that with us because we know she cares about her clients.

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  1. Ask Your Photographer for Wardrobe 

Well, Julie is amazing and reached out to us ahead of time to ask about outfits and color schemes because that’s just part of her process. However, I highly recommend asking your photographer for help. I was so glad to speak with her about what Ava should wear and which accessories we needed for her because guess what, Julie provided it all! I didn’t have to worry about anything.

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  1. Glam it UP, Sis

On the morning of our newborn session, I tossed my handsome husband Ava and spent a nice, long time in the bathroom getting ready. I know, I was not the star of the show, but doing that felt so nice! I took a long, hot shower, did my hair, AND put on makeup! It was the first time since Ava was born that I looked all dolled up. It was relaxing for me and helped me feel confident. 

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  1. Don’t Worry About Your House 

I love my house, but here’s the thing – it’s small! Not only is my lovely house small, but it was also a bit, well, disorganized 10 days after Ava’s birth. Ok, fine. You got me! My house was a cluster! Imagine my panic over letting someone in my house and letting her see our newborn nest. Well, our photographer could have cared less. 

In particular, our bedroom was a tiny disaster, so when Julie suggested we go in there I almost screamed, “NO!” But, I trusted her to do her thing. She had everything needed to turn our bedroom into a mini studio in a matter of minutes. Those are some of my favorite shots. 

Newborn Photography


  1. Feed Shortly Before 

I fed Ava about a half-hour before Julie was set to arrive. I hoped that she would be full and ready to nap through the session. 

We had just started our session with a few simple photos of Ava in her crib when she started to root and fuss a bit. Apparently, she needed a snack! I felt bad having to pause the session, but Julie assured me that she is completely used to newborns needing to take a break to eat or have a diaper change. So, feed before but don’t worry!

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  1. Give Yourself Grace

As a new mom, I felt self-conscious about the state of my house, how I looked, and, of course, how I was going to pull it all together for the session. The night before I took a deep breath and thought, whatever happens, happens! If we’re all a big mess then that’s what happens and we’ll go from there! 

Those are my six tips to prepare for your newborn session. I was so excited to do these photos, so any stress in preparing was totally worth it. I’m so glad we have professional photos of this precious time! 

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