How to Choose a Location for Your Photo Session

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked right after a client books a session is, "what are the best locations in Waukesha County?" One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to getting your family pictures taken is how to choose the best...

Sussex Newborn Photographer | Meet Grant

It's always a good day when I get to snuggle a newborn baby and hang out with awesome people, all while photographing precious moments they will cherish forever. I'm so grateful to be a newborn photographer! The icing on the cake was the adorable Cavalier King pup...

Oconomowoc Newborn Photographer

This beautiful family welcomed home baby number five and asked little ol' me, as a premier Oconomowoc newborn photographer, to capture all the details of this exciting time. They very recently moved to the area into a stunning brick colonial with so much farmhouse...

JCP Parenting Hacks: 5 Steps to Summer Sanity

It's the start of the third full week of summer break and is it just me or are you also realizing how much you value teachers for all that they do?  I saw a funny meme recently that said, "Dear Parents...Tag You're It!!!  Love, Teachers."  Seriously!  How hard is this...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Getting babies to sleep

The comment I hear most at newborn sessions is, "Can you come back at midnight and work your magic?"  I always laugh because I remember those sleepless nights very well and being so desperate and willing to try ANYTHING to get my babies to fall asleep and stay asleep....

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Birthday Mania

It's definitely birthday season in our house.  Tomorrow is Tyler's and Brody's 8th birthday and we celebrated yesterday with a big beach party.  Mine is today and just a few weeks ago it was our oldest son's birthday.  Geminis unite! Anyone that knows me knows that I...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: End of Year Tradition

It's the final stretch for many of you!  You've almost made it.  A few more days of packing lunches, helping with homework and rushing to meet the bus!  It's nearing the last day of school which reminds me that I need to get some things ready this week to help the...

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They grow too fast!

I look at my now 12 year old son and think, "Seriously?  How can this be?  How has this happened so fast?"  I remember what it was like to be a 12 year old very clearly.  I remember my 12 year old self.  And now this is happening.  He is TWELVE.  Later this year he...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Simple photo project!

What do you do with your pictures? Aside from the obvious answer, (which I hope by now is to PRINT your favorites and hang them around your house for all to enjoy daily), what else do you do with your pictures? Here's something we do at our house.  Each of our boys...

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