How to Choose a Location for Your Photo Session

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked right after a client books a session is, "what are the best locations in Waukesha County?" One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to getting your family pictures taken is how to choose the best...

Sussex Newborn Photographer | Meet Grant

It's always a good day when I get to snuggle a newborn baby and hang out with awesome people, all while photographing precious moments they will cherish forever. I'm so grateful to be a newborn photographer! The icing on the cake was the adorable Cavalier King pup...

Oconomowoc Newborn Photographer

This beautiful family welcomed home baby number five and asked little ol' me, as a premier Oconomowoc newborn photographer, to capture all the details of this exciting time. They very recently moved to the area into a stunning brick colonial with so much farmhouse...

Tribute to Motherhood: Lake Country Photographer

Yesterday all forms of social media were packed full of Mother's Day posts.  I loved every one!  How can you not relish the celebration of the love that children have for their moms?  You are their world.  The one they want love and attention from more than anyone...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Keeping Kids Happy at Church

It's Monday which means I've got another Parenting Hacks blog post for you to hopefully give you some inspiration to make your life easier. This weekend our twins celebrated their First Communion.  I thought it would be great to write about some things that have...

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My Angel Babies

This topic is not one I've talked much about openly but one that I think deserves a platform.  And while my blog might not have the biggest audience if it reaches even one woman struggling with pregnancy loss then I consider this post to be a great success. About a...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Chore Time

I know it can't only be our children that suddenly get SO TIRED, or SO FORGETFUL when it comes time to do their chores.  We've tried so many things in the past from sticker charts to jars to fill up for rewards.  We've found that what it ultimately boils down to is...

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Introducing the Grow With Me Plan

Chances are if you're reading this you are either expecting a baby or have welcomed one home recently.  Either way CONGRATULATIONS!  I am super thrilled for you! Coming off probably what may have felt like the longest nine months of your life the next year will fly by...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Battling Sugar

It's no secret that sugar is evil (but soooo yummy).  If your kids are anything like mine they overloaded on it yesterday for Easter.  My husband and I try to do what we can to limit their consumption which is why years ago we came up with one easy way of doing so. We...

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