JCP Parenting Hacks | Managing Screen Time

It's July already! Has summer boredom set in with your children yet? This short video came across my feed recently and it inspired me to write this blog post all about managing screen time. It's easy to revert to extra screen time, especially with the kids home all...

How to Choose a Location for Your Photo Session

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked right after a client books a session is, "what are the best locations in Waukesha County?" One of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to getting your family pictures taken is how to choose the best...

Sussex Newborn Photographer | Meet Grant

It's always a good day when I get to snuggle a newborn baby and hang out with awesome people, all while photographing precious moments they will cherish forever. I'm so grateful to be a newborn photographer! The icing on the cake was the adorable Cavalier King pup...

JCP Parenting Hacks: Battling Sugar

It's no secret that sugar is evil (but soooo yummy).  If your kids are anything like mine they overloaded on it yesterday for Easter.  My husband and I try to do what we can to limit their consumption which is why years ago we came up with one easy way of doing so. We...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: Potty Training

In most cases parents are ready to be done with diapers long before their children are.  There are some rare cases where toddlers potty train themselves but that wasn't the case in our home.  That being said, three out of our four children potty trained pretty easily...

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Community Spotlight: Confections for Any Occasion, Oconomowoc

Has the Easter bunny stocked up on candy yet?  Why not support a local business instead of your typical big box store?  Confections for Any Occasion in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin carries all the nostalgic candy of your youth which makes for some fun Easter baskets!  I took...

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JCP Parenting Hacks: The Nuk Fairy

I don't claim to be any kind of expert but I've been at this parenting thing for over a decade now so I've got some tricks up my sleeves.  I thought if some of our family tricks could help others I'd love to share them so I'm super excited to be introducing the JCP...

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Options for Backing Up Your Images

Just a few days ago I got impatient and didn’t take the time to eject a USB properly and guess what? THE FILE CORRUPTED.  How ironic, right?  As I was finishing up writing this blog series about backing up your files I had this very thing happen to me!  I'm beyond...

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Organizing your digital files

My mother's solution to digital image file storage is she buys a new CF card for her digital camera every time it gets full.  These CF cards are her only copies of every digital image she has ever taken.  She has piles of them.  This is SO risky!  No matter how many...

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