I meet so many great people by photographing them.  The Bowling family are some of them.  I met them for the first time a few years ago when their first born was turning four.  Their two boys are the most smiley, happy little guys ever and with parents as laid back and awesome as they have it’s no wonder!  I have since had the honor to photograph their youngest son for his newborn session as well as this most recent time to celebrate his turning one!  Watching little ones taste cake for the first time is pretty much awesome in my book and a major perk to my work.  I love children and watching their reactions through my lens.  It’s so much fun!  Just check out this little one’s expressions below.  So great!  And while you’re at it take a peek at big brother getting in on the action.  Ha ha!  I love it when siblings get involved!

We held this session on their new property just before they moved in.  Can you believe we were wearing sweaters and long sleeves just a short few weeks ago?  And how about this property…isn’t it beautiful?  It’s no secret that I love farms.  My grandpa was a farmer and I have many fond memories of time spent on his farm exploring barns and running wild.  I’m excited for their family to be starting this new adventure together!
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