Can a photo really grow your business? It can, and it will! Having the right headshot can help potential customers connect with you and trust you before you even meet them. A great headshot influences people to want to work with you.

From having a great LinkedIn profile photo to having a folder of stunning branded images ready for your social media channels, investing in headshot and branding photography can help you grow your business in ways you might not have realized! Your message is important. It’s important to convey that through imagery that helps sell your services.

As a professional photographer, not only do I know how to take your headshot and branding photos to showcase your brand, but as a business owner, I’ve learned how these photos can help you grow your business.

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Meet the FIVE Ways the Right Headshot will Grow Your Business

These are my top 5 ways the right headshot and brand photos will grow your business online. 

  1. Consistent Brand Message – Having professional branded images to use across all your online platforms creates a consistent brand message. During your branding session, we can use your brand’s colors and other branded elements in your photos to personalize your images. This consistency demonstrates professionalism.
  2. Build Relationships – Each image is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. You might only have one chance to win them over. Make sure it’s a professional image that connects with your ideal client. Your photos help tell your story and that story builds relationships with potential customers.
  3. Develops Cohesive Marketing Strategy – Content is key and the name of the game these days. Of course, having a folder of beautiful, professional images is great for using on social media but think beyond social media! Your new images will also shine on marketing platforms such as email marketing, your website, branded collateral, and more. This cohesiveness makes you more recognizable in your marketplace.
  4. Earns Trust – The best way to build trust online is by being authentic and a great way to show that authenticity is through a dynamic headshot and personalized branded photos vs a stock photo. It’s proven that people do business with people, not stock photos. Your unique imagery showcases what makes you different and begins establishing a know, like, and trust factor.
  5. Boost Your Business Confidence – I see this all the time! After I help a business with headshot and branding photography, I start to see them show up online in a new way. Part of that is because they are confident in their imaging and message with their new photos. A more professional and “put together” look to your brand sells itself.

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How to Find the Right Branding Photographer 

Now that you know the top five ways headshot photography will help you grow your business, I’m sure you’re interested to learn how to find the right photographer. Look for a certified professional photographer with a portfolio of headshots that you feel are close to your style. Learn more about Headshot and Branding Photography through a conversation with Julie Collins Photography. I would love to take your business to new heights!

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