With how many sessions I have had with this family I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve blogged them!  I just counted and this is my 9th time photographing them.  How can this be?  I blame it on my long-term broken blog (now fixed).  It certainly isn’t for lack of good images because just have a look at this gorgeous family!  I’ve always walked away knowing their images will be awesome.  We shot this session in Brookfield, Wisconsin at the Dousman Stagecoach Inn Museum at the unlikely time of mid-morning.  As many of you may know my preferred time to shoot is an hour before sunset.  However, as I’ve said many, many times happy children trump good light and this family follows this advice with their littles and I always get happy girls at their sessions.  Their two oldest children have done some modeling but looking at them I’m sure that comes as no big surprise.  They’re beautiful!  I’d put them in my magazine if I ran one!  They’re always very comfortable in front of the camera and are such happy children.  Their youngest hasn’t had this experience yet so far as I know but is just as happy!  Except in this image.  Ha!  032 copy
Mom mentioned that she really wanted a pouty picture of sweet Malena because it’s just too cute.  I’d agree!  The problem was that she didn’t want to bring it out while I was photographing her.  So Dad took away the bubbles we were blowing at her just to get the shot.  So mean but so worth it!  Way to go Dad!  That pout was short-lived but the photo will live on!  I hope it makes the cut for the wedding slide show someday.  Since you’re here have a peek at the rest of this gorgeous session!
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