Time to celebrate Aiden, Class of 2024 at Oconomowoc High School! Aiden is into weight lifting, fishing, hunting, and pretty much anything outdoors. His family lives on a gorgeous, historic property, which turns out to be a dream location for photography! I drool when I see the wildlife photos his mom posts on Facebook that she takes in her own backyard. It was a no-brainer to hold the session right there and made it so easy for everyone to just walk outside for portraits!

Your interview is so great, Aiden! I particularly love your answer to what you rate a 10/10. What a FANTASTIC outlook! Keep that up and you’re sure to live a happy life! And your shout out to who has contributed to your success? The best!

With senior year coming to a close I have all the feels for these seniors, and especially their moms. This chapter is an emotional one for everyone, both exciting and a bit hard to swallow at the same time. This is the last senior celebration I have to share with you this year. If you didn’t see your son or daughter featured, they didn’t respond to my interview request. Regardless, I wish you all the success and happiness in the future!


Happy Graduation!!!

Meet Aiden

For fun I like to…
fish, go to the gym, and hang out with friends.

My dream job is…
owning and operating my own business.

What I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year is…

spending and enjoying time with my friends.

My favorite memory in high school so far was…

senior year homecoming or New Years with my friends.

What I’m looking forward to this after high school is…
a lot of fishing and hanging out with my friends.

What will you miss most about the last four years?

Not having as many responsibilities, and being with all my friends at once.

Favorite thing about our community…
that everyone kind of knows each other.
O'Brien family looking at camera in Okauchee, Wisconsin

Some high school accomplishments were…

doing well on the ACT, as well as my track record of good grades all four years of high school. 
Oconomowoc High School senior boy smiling for camera for pictures
Arrowhead high school senior smiling for camera during senior pictures

After I graduate I plan to…
go to college and get my CPA.

My proudest moment was…
getting into the colleges I wanted to go to.

My favorite class/subject in high school is/was…

Dream vacation…Tahiti.

Favorite local place to eat…Bella Gusto.

Favorite playlist includes…Drake and Zach Bryan. 

Have lunch with anyone (alive or dead)…who? Jeff Bezos. 

Something you’d rate 10/10…life

Who would you like to shout out to that contributed to your success? My parents, for keeping me accountable and motivating me to do better.

The worst part of high school is…English classes.

The best part of high school is…friends and football games.

Who inspires you to be better? My parents, for sure

Oconomowoc Senior in high school on top of her boat house on Okauchee Lake with her two golden retriever dogs
Oconomowoc high school senior girl smiling at camera during her senior portrait session
Oconomowoc high school senior girl laughing during her senior portrait session

Also, a this or that section:

  • Movies or TV/Netflix series? TV/Netflix Series
  • Mountains or Ocean? Ocean
  • Morning Person or Night Owl? Night owl
  • Health food or Junk food? Junk food
  • Burgers or Tacos? Burger
  • Swim in a pool or Swim in the sea? Swim in a pool
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Cat or Dog? Dog
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
  • Homebody or Social butterfly? Homebody
  • City or Country? Country
  • Pasta or Pizza? Pizza
  • Book or Movie? Movie
  • Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner

LOVE your answers, Aiden! You’re such a grounded young man. With that solid foundation and strong work-ethic there’s nothing you can’t accomplish! Thank you so much for participating in this interview. I hope you enjoy fishing and spending time with your friends this summer before heading off on different paths. Hope to see you around!

Comment  below to help make Aiden’s graduation from senior year even more special!

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