I was more than happy to hop a plane to Arizona to photograph this session of my nephew, Anthony. Spending a few days with my sister and her sweet family was worth hauling several bags of equipment across the country! Even better was the timing. I’m game for any excuse to miss several days of February in Wisconsin.


 One of the perks of having an aunt who is a professional photographer is your senior session can span several days and numerous locations. Anthony may have not seen that as a perk but his mom and I sure had fun with it! My sister, Jen definitely wanted some photos taken at the hockey rink. Anthony has been playing hockey since he was four years old so it’s an important part of his story. I was excited to see him practice because, believe it or not, I’ve never seen him play! Unfortunately, I wasn’t permitted on the ice so I had to photograph him from either the bench or behind the glass. I made it work!


Anthony isn’t much for nature so he requested more of an urban session. Downtown Gilbert (the city where they live) had some great options so we headed there. We also caught a beautiful sunset at Papago Park near the ASU campus. Finally, I set up a studio in their home for some robotics photos, which is another very important part of Anthony’s life.


Anthony is a super smart and talented guy with a big heart. Let me give you a glimpse into what I mean. Upon arriving at their home I found a bouquet of flowers in the guest bathroom with a thank you note from Anthony. My sister told me it was all Anthony’s idea and he had purchased it with his own money. Say what? 


He just graduated a few weeks ago so I’m squeaking in this celebration a little after the fact. The school year in Arizona starts in August and ends in May. This fall he will be heading to my sister’s alma mater, ASU to study engineering with a focus on robotics. His dad is an engineer for Intel so it’s in the blood!


I’m excited to watch you spread your wings, Anthony!

Meet Anthony

For fun I like to…
play video games and build robots

What I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year is…
summer break.

My favorite high school memory so far was…

the last day. 

What I’m looking forward to this summer is…
working out.

My favorite snack…
honey sesame sticks.

After I graduate I plan to…
go to ASU, and major in Engineering w/Robotics.


Senior boy in high school in Arizona posing for senior pictures
Arrowhead high school senior smiling for camera during senior pictures
Senior boy in high school posing for photos in Arizona

My proudest moment was…
when I graduated.

My favorite class/subject in high school is/was…

Some high school accomplishments were…
winning robotics competitions, and getting my cords for graduation for CTE (career and technical education). 

Favorite single day on the calendar…Christmas. 

Favorite local place to eat…McDonald’s.

What will you miss most about the last four years? Friends.

Something you’d rate 10/10…Engineering class. 

Who would you like to shout out to that contributed to your success? Mr. Edney (Robotics teacher) and Ms. Gossard (Economics and American History teacher).

What is the worst part of high school? My calculus teacher.

Senior boy and mom in Arizona smiling for camera at senior photo session
Oconomowoc high school senior girl smiling at camera during her senior portrait session
Oconomowoc high school senior girl laughing during her senior portrait session
Oconomowoc high school senior girl laughing during her senior portrait session
Senior boy in high school posing for photo in Arizona

Also, a this or that section:

  • Pizza or Pasta? Pizza
  • Morning person or Night owl? Night Owl
  • Movies or TV /Netflix Series? Movies
  • Mountains or Oceans? Oceans
  • Passenger or Driver? Driver 
  • Salty or Sweet? Salty and Sweet 
  • Cat or Dog? Cat
  • Alaska or Hawaii? Alaska
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  • Book or Movie? Movie 
  • New clothes or New phone? New clothes
  • Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast
  • Health food or Junk food? Health food
  • Summer or Winter? Winter
  • Ice cream or Frozen custard? Ice cream
  • Day at the beach or Amusement Park? Amusement Park 

Anthony, I am one proud auntie! You have grown into such a fine young man with such a bright future! I hope you have the best summer ever celebrating this special time in your life!

Comment  below to help make Anthony’s graduation from senior year even more special!

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