From the first meeting at her design consultation I could see that Bethany has such a unique and awesome style! I love how she brought that to her senior portrait session. When we sat down to plan her session she settled on Paradise Springs in Eagle to be the location for the big day. It has been many years since I have been here because there was a dam failure in 2015 that caused some devastating damage to this beautiful park. The pretty pond had drained and I felt it wasn’t worth the drive for the rest of what the location offers. It looks fully restored now and I love it once again!


Bethany is a senior at Kettle Moraine Perform and has BIG plans for the fall! Read on to find out. I’m so excited for her and I hope someday I can say, “I knew her when…”

One more fun fact: the photo you see above of Bethany was one of the images that I submitted for my Master of Photography degree. One of my favorite things is delivering the news to my clients that an image I photographed of them is award winning!

Bethany’s birthday was just a few days ago. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating, Bethany!

Meet Bethany

For fun I like to…
sew, read, or practice archery. 

My dream job is…

What I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year is…
just having a fun time while making memories!

My favorite memory in high school so far was…
last year’s prom! It was at the Mitchell Park Domes, and I went with a really good group of people.

What I’m looking forward to this after high school is…

grad parties!

My favorite single day on the calendar…
is probably my birthday, April 18th. 

What will you miss most about the last four years?
Being around my closest friends everyday. 

What’s your favorite snack?
Anything chocolate. 

Kettle Moraine high school senior laughing at senior picture session at Paradise Springs, Eagle Wisconsin

Some high school accomplishments were…

my experience as a part of three honor societies; my duty as an officer for two clubs at my school; and I have had some big roles in recent theatrical productions.
Arrowhead high school senior smiling for camera during senior pictures
Arrowhead high school senior smiling for camera during senior pictures

After I graduate I plan to…
attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and move on to work as a professional actor!

My proudest moment was…
when I got accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts!

My favorite class/subject in high school is/was…

Dream vacation…Ireland.

Favorite local place to eat…Mama D’s.

Favorite playlist includes…Merry Go Round of Life and anything similar. 

Have lunch with anyone (alive or dead)…who? Queen Elizabeth II. 

Something you’d rate 10/10…reading!

Who would you like to shout out to that contributed to your success? Thankfully,  everybody in my life! They have all supported and encourage me throughout everything and it’s really helped me grow into who I am today. 

The worst part of high school is…the early mornings and testing.

The best part of high school is…being with people and taking advantage of fun opportunities. 

My favorite thing about our community… how kind everyone is!

Oconomowoc Senior in high school on top of her boat house on Okauchee Lake with her two golden retriever dogs
Oconomowoc high school senior girl smiling at camera during her senior portrait session
Oconomowoc high school senior girl laughing during her senior portrait session

Also, a this or that section:

  • Dinner or Breakfast? Dinner
  • Amusement park or Day at the beach? Amusement park 
  • Mountains or Oceans? Mountains
  • Passenger or Driver? Driver 
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
  • Hamburgers or Hot dogs? Hamburgers
  • Alaska or Hawaii? Hawaii
  • Pasta or Pizza? Pasta 
  • Book or Movie? Book
  • Movie or TV/Netflix Series? Movie
  • New clothes or New phone? New clothes
  • City or Country? City

LOVE this interview, Bethany! Thank you so much for sharing your plans, dreams and more. I hope someday I’m watching you on the big screen (or on the big stage)! Have an amazing summer celebrating the end of this chapter and the beginning of a new one!

Comment  below to help make Bethany’s graduation from senior year even more special!

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