How many photos do you have of your child on your phone? Thousands? How many do you have printed and displayed in your home? Maybe a couple? It’s no secret that moms love taking photos of their children. I do too! 

With the rise of children’s portrait photography, we now have lots of options when it comes to professional images of our children that we can proudly print and display in our homes. I’m so glad that newborn portraits are becoming more common so capture that special time. My only advice is to not wait until your child is a senior in high school to have portraits taken!

I know it can be confusing when exactly you should have professional portraits of your child taken. Every year? Are there certain milestones? That’s why I put together this guide on when you should have your child’s portrait taken through the years!

Guide to When Should You Have Your Child’s Portrait Taken

Precious Newborn and Milestone Portraits | 0-1 year

Your baby will never be this small again! From newborn to 12 months, our children are 100% dependent on us. They drastically change in this first year. Every day is an adventure. There are so many new and exciting milestones and growth in the first year. I can’t recommend newborn portraits enough for you to be able to look back on and remember when your child could fit snuggly in your arms. Milestone photography helps you slow down the blur of the first year and lets you watch your newborn grow into a toddler even years later.

children's portrait photography

The Toddler Years | 1-3 years

The toddler years are some of my very favorites. You and your toddler will learn something new every day! Our children become curious and expressive, and we get to watch their personalities emerge. It’s also a very active and busy time! Capturing your child while still a toddler will help you remember this short, fun, and crazy time. The classic toddler portrait is one that will likely never come off of your wall.

The Early School Years | 4-7 years

The sweet early childhood stage. Your child is finding themselves both inside and outside of the family. School brings new friendships and a life outside of the home. Mom and Dad are still very central to their lives and children rely on their parents for reassurance and support. Most children start losing their teeth between 5-6 years old, which greatly changes their appearance. Their little baby faces start to thin out. Many parents want that last young child portrait while they still have all their baby teeth so that they can remember their first smile.

Later School Years | 10-14 years

Schedules get busier with activities and sports. Children of this period in time still rely greatly on their parents as they navigate where they fit in this world. The years between childhood and adulthood are a time when a beautiful portrait can bring self-esteem to your child and joy to the family. The early teen years are one to capture and remember forever. You might even incorporate some of their interests at this children’s portrait photography session.

Final Years At Home | 16-18 years

Their final years of living at home. Many changes occur during these teenage years as your children are preparing to leave the nest. Friends are more and more important, and they continue solidifying their beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Of course, senior portraits are around this time, but don’t be afraid to capture your child before that as well!

high school portrait session

Delafield Children’s Portrait Photography 

I so wish I could stop time for you to enjoy your children while they’re growing up! Wouldn’t it be nice to travel back in time and hold your child as a newborn again for just one moment? I can’t offer a time machine, but I can offer professional portrait artwork that you will be able to stop and admire now as well as years from now to bring you back to this moment in time. If you’re interested in scheduling a portrait session, please send me a message here.


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