I never want moms to shy away from being in a photo with their kids. You may not feel perfect, but your kids think you are. Even though you may think these portraits are for you, what you may not think about is that someday your children and grandchildren will cherish these images of you just as you are now.

I want you to feel excited about family portraits and not worried about them. Today, I want to share a few tips on feeling ready for this special session. 

Dear Mom, you are perfect just the way you are right now. Do you have any photos of your mom from when you were a kid? Those are treasures! Not only are they of the most important person in your life but they show a moment in time that has long passed. You are able to see your mom as she was when you were little. This window into the past is the power of photography!

When looking at the photo of your mom, notice how you’re not fixated on anything but the love you have for her. You’re not wondering how much she weighed or judging her appearance; you just love your mom. That’s how your kids feel about you now.

How to Feel Ready for Family Portraits

Dream About Your Heirloom Portrait Artwork 

I want you to take a moment to dream about your heirloom portrait artwork hanging on the wall or holding your custom family album. Imagine being able to look at your beautiful family portraits every day on the dining room wall or looking through your album with your children. Your children will love seeing their portraits on the wall and will treasure them for the years to come.

Treat Yourself 

Once you have your portraits scheduled, take some time for yourself before the session. Treat yourself to a trip to the salon or spa for some much-needed pampering. You already look perfect, but doing this will help you feel relaxed and at your best. Hair and makeup does wonders for not only your appearance but also your attitude going into your portrait session.


Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in for the portrait session. This might be a good reason to treat yourself to a new outfit! Need help with that? I offer wardrobe guidance for all of my clients to ensure everyone feels great the day of the session. 

Plan the Perfect Location 

Choosing a meaningful location to you and your family adds a layer of meaning to your portraits. This is also important so that you feel happy in the location of the portrait session. Feeling happy means happy photos! If you prefer privacy, a studio session might be perfect for you.

Find a Photographer You Can Trust 

I can’t emphasize this enough! Work with a family photographer that you can trust with any concerns that you may have. Trust me when I say that I’ve heard it all and totally understand it. Though you can count on me to always capture my clients in a flattering way, if you feel comfortable sharing any concerns about your appearance with me, I can make sure to take extra care both in person and during the editing process!

Your Family Portrait Photographer near Oconomowoc, WI

You’ll never regret having family portraits done. Just imagine your children looking back on the portraits and how they’ll get to remember what a fun day they had with their family. They’ll be transported to that moment and remember their loving family. Mom, you are perfect just how you are right now! Don’t wait to capture these important portraits. If you want to chat with me or schedule a session, send me a message here.


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