With Labor Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share our fun family getaway from several years back. Have you heard of Marinette? It’s only about a three-hour drive from the Lake Country area and such a hidden gem. 

This was the perfect destination for our family of six to get away before the school year started. We got to see some beautiful scenery and hike some fun trails. As a bonus, it wasn’t crowded with tourists like some other WI destinations can get. Here’s more about our fun trip and some tips for you to enjoy your family getaway.

Marinette, WI Waterfalls Tour

During our Labor Day weekend trip, we saw ten waterfalls! Yes, TEN! Did you know that Marinette is known as the Waterfall Capitol of Wisconsin? I had no idea until this trip. Because the Pestigo River, Pike River, and Menominee river all converge in this area, it leads to the perfect environment for beautiful waterfalls. 

There are actually 15 waterfalls in this area to explore. Some waterfalls require more hiking than others, but there’s definitely a hike for every level of experience. A self-guided tour map is available on the Marinette County website.

The trails were very well maintained, which was very nice. As an added bonus, there weren’t too many people. Some of the trails also feature beautiful bridges that you get to cross. We came across some with bridges, which were pretty!


If you do go, make sure to go check out the lighthouse in Marinette! So beautiful on Lake Michigan.

4 Tips for a Great Marinette, WI Family Getaway


1. Bring hiking shoes – Our kids wore tennis shoes, not hiking boots, and were just fine. Most of the waterfalls are very close to the parking lots, but you had to hike a little bit for some. So, I would bring hiking shoes to be safe, but know that you’re probably fine in tennis shoes. 

2. Bring bug spray – I’d recommend having bug spray on hand for a few of the hikes, but most were bug-free! Some of the trails are quite wooded and beautiful, so you never know what critters you’ll see!

3. Check the local park rules – Half of the waterfalls are inside county parks, so you’ll need to pay an entrance fee. They do offer a pass for waterfall tours. Check that out ahead of time, so you’re not surprised!

4. Read My Tips on Getting Your Kids to Smile at the Camera – I’m sure you’ll take lots of photos no matter what, but I have this blog post with four tips for getting your kids to look at the camera. I want you to be able to capture photos that you can treasure!

Enjoying Your Family in Lake Country

As your family photographer, my job is to capture your beautiful family so you can proudly display their portraits on the wall of your home. As a Lake Country mom, I also want to help you find ways to enjoy your growing family. I hope this blog inspired you to check out Marinette, WI, or try out another hidden gem in Wisconsin.


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