You never realize how many twins there are in the world until you give birth to a set.  I can’t count the number of times I was stopped by admirers when my twins were little informing me that they were a twin, their brothers or daughters or nephews or second cousins once removed were twins.  They’re everywhere!  But that realization never lost the magic for me.  Raising twins is something so special and unique in its own way.  I cherish witnessing the bond formed between my boys from the time they were born.  I will however say that their first year of life was the hardest year I’ve ever experienced to date and whenever I have the privilege of photographing twins to celebrate turning one I always congratulate mom and dad for making it through!  I always say that I can’t imagine having triplets or more.  That just must be insanity because having two babies at once nearly put me in the loony bin!  Ha!  I’m sure that wasn’t the case with this sweet family.  They seemed to have it together and even grandma and grandpa came along to help!  How great is that?  They all worked as a team to get the stars of the show as happy as possible on a cold November day in Wisconsin as was the case when we took these images at Lapham Peak in Delafield.  We at least had some sunshine but brrrr.  It was a tad nippy out there.  Nonetheless we got plenty of big smiles from these little sweethearts.  Have a look!
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