Getting to see my client’s reaction after I finish hanging their family portrait artwork on the wall is one of the best parts of my job! Not only do they get to a gorgeous and styled gallery wall, but it’s created with family artwork that will be treasured forever. 

I always start my portrait process with the end goal in mind. I want to know where you envision displaying your family portraits in your home first, and then we can plan the session. It’s so important to start with your vision to create portrait artwork to feature in your home. If you have no vision, have no fear! I am here to help!

Creating an heirloom family gallery wall is one of my favorite ways to display your growing family’s portraits and to keep adding on as your artwork collection grows. So let me share a few tricks to styling your family gallery wall.

How to Design Your Family Portrait Artwork into a Gallery Wall 


Choose Your Style – Deciding on your style will help with planning your portrait session and, ultimately, the look of your gallery wall! Need help defining your style? Look around your home to see if you can find some clues to your style. Is your style rustic? Chic? Modern? The medium we choose to print your photos on can complement your style. For example, wood prints look fabulous in a home with a rustic vibe. Metal prints look very chic in a modern home. Framed prints and gallery wrapped canvases are timeless favorites in homes regardless of the style of the decor.

Find the Location(s) – Where do you want the gallery wall to live in your home? Perhaps your dining room has the perfect space to feature your growing family’s artwork. Maybe your living room will hold your most recent family portraits, and you’ll rotate in updated pieces with a secondary gallery wall in the dining room. I have many clients who keep the current family portraits in their living room and when new ones are taken move the previous set to a more permanent home such as in the finished basement or up the stairs.

Plan Your Portrait Session – Now, we can plan your portrait session to fill your chosen gallery wall location and in the style that you’re dreaming of! We will choose a session location and what to wear for your session to complement the gallery wall to create a cohesive look.

Layouts that Grow with Your Family – Create a layout that can grow with your family. One idea is to feature your family’s current portrait in the center, with portraits of your children complimenting the featured photo. Then, as your children grow, we can simply add on. Another option is to mix family portraits and candids from over the years with the current picture of each of your children on the wall.

Framing that Lasts a Lifetime – Investing in high-quality frames that will last a lifetime is so important! These portraits will hang in your home for decades and be passed on to your children to hang in their homes for decades more. Choose a frame that reflects your style and will stand the test of time.

Making Your Family Portrait a Priority 

Let’s create the heirloom family gallery wall of your dreams! It starts with making your annual family portrait a priority and finding a trusted family photographer to make sure your family photos aren’t sitting on a flash drive. I help my clients from start to finish with a seamless process. My job isn’t done until your portraits are on the wall! Simply send a message to chat!  

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