Your portrait session isn’t over until your beautiful new artwork is on the wall where it can bring you joy every single day! Part of my overall client experience is making sure your portraits are displayed how you want them. Today, I want to share some ideas for how to match your new portrait artwork to your home’s design. 

When considering how to display your wall art you’ll want to consider your décor. Is your home décor traditional? Modern? Rustic? Have a cottage feel? Eclectic? Maybe you don’t quite yet know your home’s style. Start by taking a look around your home for clues! Some clues to look for are paint color, trim, window treatments, and what knick-knacks or lack thereof you display. Still not sure? Ask a few of your friends! They might be able to give you some insight.

Thinking about this before you order your portrait artwork will ensure that your images match your family’s unique personality and fit effortlessly into your home décor where you will enjoy them every day! 

If you give it just a bit of thought you’ll be confident in your decision of how to display your priceless images.

family portrait gallery in oconomowoc, WIFamily portrait wall art displayed in eigh framed pieces


Which Home Design Theme Matches You?


Do you have white walls, trim, and a simple, clean design in your home? You might have a modern style. Common elements in a modern decor style include clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette, and the use of materials that can include metal, glass, and steel. In a modern home images printed on metal and acrylic look fantastic!


Do you lean more towards the farmhouse look with natural and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather? In a home with a more rustic vibe wood prints and barn wood frames fit in perfectly.


If your home has lots of wood, brick, and stone with classic furnishings, warm colors, and symmetrical lines, you might have a traditional decor style. In traditional homes, framed pieces and canvases look very much in place.


Have an eclectic mix of what you love in your home and not one overall style with a mix of bold color palettes, textures, and patterns? Choose whatever finish to your artwork that speaks to you most. This is a fun opportunity to mix and match! Maybe you’re trying to fit in images from a current session with older ones as seen in the first image below. This style has few “rules.”

Now that you have an idea of your home’s style, you can move forward with choosing how you want to display your portraits to match! 

family photography used for a gallery wall

family photos used for a canvas gallery wall

Wall Art vs. Album

Considering an album to display your portraits? There’s nothing like looking through your family photos in an album for years to come! 

Album keepsakes are wonderful additions to bookshelves and coffee tables no matter what your style. Unsure if you want an album and/or wall art? This might depend on what your future plans are. Check out the two videos below for album ideas!

For example, a large feature canvas is a great choice for a family portrait for an established family or one whose dream is to keep adding family portraits to a gallery wall throughout the years. Whereas a coffee table album or print box might be a better option for a new family who expects to add more volumes in the coming years.

Need Help? Let’s talk! I’m happy to assist every step of the way, from finding your style and designing a portrait session that matches with the end-result of images that will be displayed perfectly for many years to come. I would love to talk with you about booking your portrait session.

Julie Collins Photography hanging a gallery wall Julie Collins Photography creating a gallery wall in Delafield, WI

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