Imagine having all of your brand photography done and ready to go for the entire year! That means less stress finding images when needed and knowing that you’re set for your marketing throughout the year. I love getting to know my clients and learning about their businesses. I get to meet the coolest entrepreneurs!

During our discovery conversation, we dig into what imagery will propel your marketing to the next level. I help guide my clients through the process of planning for a brand photography session and am sharing the basic framework here with you. 

Meet the 7-step process to plan your brand photography session so that you have images for the entire year.

Plan Your Brand Photography Session in 7 Steps

1. Plan and Brainstorm Your Ideal Session – 

Take a few minutes to sit back and envision your brand photography. Think about where you’ll need these photos, what style of photos you want, and how you imagine having your very own image resource at your fingertips. Write down any thoughts or notes that come to mind. You can write it down in a notebook or on the computer – wherever it’s easier for you! This will be very helpful as we work through the next steps.

2. Outline Where You Need Photos – 

This is very important in planning your shot list. Think about where you will need these photos and write them all down. This helps me plan your ideal session to get the right images. 

Here are a few ideas – 

    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Product/Course Launch
    • Marketing & Sales Materials 


3. Create a Shot List –

Your shot list will be our guide during the brand session. But plan on some wiggle room as we’ll think of poses and ideas during the session. It’s a lot of fun! Write down as many poses or scenes as you can think of that you’ll need on your paper. We can create this together if you’re drawing a blank!

Shot list ideas – 

  • On the phone
  • Typing on phone
  • Typing on computer 
  • Writing in notebook 
  • Helping a customer 
  • In a meeting
  • Celebrating a milestone
  • Holiday/Occasion/seasonal imagery

4. Choose Location(s) –

Think about what space would work well for your brand session. If you have your own office, that will work fine. Otherwise, my studio provides the perfect backdrop, where we can set up different backgrounds and areas for variety. I have an outdoor location list if you’re also interested in outdoor photos.

5. Select Outfits –

Plan out your outfits at least a few weeks in advance. Choose clothing with your brand and style in mind. Usually, clients will bring in several different outfits to have more variety in their photos. Using your brand colors in some of the clothing you choose can prove to be useful in your marketing. I’m always available for wardrobe guidance with my clients and am happy to offer any suggestions. Try on your outfits a week or so in advance. You’ll want to make sure that everything looks good and is ready to go (clean and pressed). You don’t want to have to scramble and run to the store the night before your session.

6. Gather Any Props –

As you create your shot list, note any props that you’ll want to bring with you to the session. This could be your computer, phone, business cards, marketing materials, or anything that makes sense for your business. Some people bring a friend along to act as your “model client” for images demonstrating your assistance, but that really depends on your business.

7. Communicate with Your Photographer – 

The more you communicate with me, the better! I truly enjoy guiding my clients through this process to ensure they get the brand photos that they want while having a great time.

Your Oconomowoc, WI Brand Photographer

As a small business owner myself, I understand how vital these brand sessions are for your business growth. In the Lake Country Area, I’ve worked with large companies and solopreneurs. No matter your size, we’ll collaborate to create the perfect brand session for your business.  Please click here to schedule a chat with me to get started!


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