A multi-generation family portrait is a treasure that will be loved for generations to come! If you’re reading this because you’re hoping to plan a multi-generation family portrait, I commend you for tackling this very special session! This session takes a little bit more coordinating than a single family portrait session but the results are so worth it. 

You will be able to proudly display your beautiful family on the wall of your home to enjoy daily. And, you’re preserving your family history through these heirloom portraits. Imagine future generations being able to look at this portrait to know their family better. Imagine future generations being able to look at this portrait to know their family better.


I’m always so excited when a multi-generational portrait client reaches out to me because it’s such an honor to document your family’s story. Handing my clients their custom-designed album with their entire family and hanging their gallery wall is a cherished moment for all! 


As I said, planning this special session takes a little more coordination, but I’m here to help! After helping clients through this process, I’ve come up with this list of tips to help plan this family session.

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Tips for Planning Your Multi-Generation Family Portrait Session 

Start with the End in Mind – I always start with the end in mind with my clients. Taking the portrait is part of the process but displaying these portraits in your home is the end goal. How are you envisioning these portraits living in your home? Is the vision to have a big piece of artwork for over your mantle of everyone in the family? Do you prefer a family gallery wall with a number of framed images that cohesively look great together? Maybe you gravitate toward a custom-designed album that you can share with your entire family while sitting together in your home. I help my clients work through figuring out their preferences as far as the end product is concerned before moving on to the next steps.

Choose a Location – Once we have nailed down what you will be displaying in your home we move on to where to have the portraits taken. Thinking about the location will help with wardrobe decisions later. Weather and time of year are big factors in planning your multi-family portrait session. So, we will consider this while choosing a date and a location. I always encourage choosing a location that has a special significance to your family to add an extra layer of meaning to your portraits. This means we’ll want to plan the session for a warmer time of year. If winter will likely be the time you can gather up your entire family, then a studio session may work the best for you. Now that you’ve considered these options, let’s chat dates!

Lock in the Date – Of course, it’s important to find a date that works for every family! Find a few dates that work for you (the family coordinator) and see what works for everyone.

Offer Wardrobe Guidance – Coordinating everyone’s outfit for a session like this doesn’t have to be a pain. I offer wardrobe guidance to all my clients so that you look your best and your family looks cohesive! I also am happy to share wardrobe resources on my website with what to wear for spring, what to wear for fall, and what to wear for summer portraits. For a timeless portrait, I recommend your family to stick with neutrals and minimal accessories as much as possible.

Find an Experienced Photographer – With such a special portrait, you need a photographer who will take extra special care every step of the way. Look for a Certified Professional Photographer to capture this family portrait. They have undergone a rigorous certification process. This proves they have the skills and techniques necessary to pose and light you in the most flattering way. You want to look at your portrait and love it more and more every day.


You want to look at your portrait and love it more and more every day.

Oconomowoc Multi-Generation Portrait Photographer

As a family portrait photographer, it’s always such an honor when a multi-generational portrait client reaches out to me. What an honor to document their family’s story! I know the care that goes into planning this type of session. This is why I support my clients throughout the portrait planning process to make it as easy as possible for them. please message me here!

Extended family smiling for camera at Ice Age Trail in Dousman for three family photo session with grandparents


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