I know it can’t only be our children that suddenly get SO TIRED, or SO FORGETFUL when it comes time to do their chores.  We’ve tried so many things in the past from sticker charts to jars to fill up for rewards.  We’ve found that what it ultimately boils down to is effort.  You’d think that I’m referring to your children’s effort but no.

It’s the effort of the parents that is key to getting kids to pitch in around the house (especially in the beginning as a routine develops).

Not what you wanted to hear I’m sure!  That’s the hard part about getting kids to do their chores.  Why?  Because it’s exhausting!  And chore time is typically near the end of the day when us parents are the most ready to throw in the towel.  The last thing we have energy for or want to do is harass our kids to do their chores.

BUT, alas, I have a solution!

How many of you have children who ask you for water as you’re tucking them in for the night?

Or maybe your kids ask you to snuggle?  Who can turn down snuggles?

Well, me for one!  Because in our house if you don’t do your chores then you get no water or snuggles and this simple paper sign taped to our kitchen wall is a friendly reminder.  (Mental note:  Make this prettier.)
Kids chore trick
We’re big fans of Parenting with Love & Logic.  Our explanation when we introduced this new rule went something like this:

“Well, I’m afraid that the time that I would have had to bring you water and snuggle is going to have to be used to do your chores since you didn’t do them.  I’m sure you will remember tomorrow!”  Say this as lovingly as possible, ensuring them that you too are disappointed that you don’t get this special time to snuggle them.

Brilliant, right?  We’ve found that our children have taken responsibility without a billion reminders with this simple rule.  Try it out!

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