With the school year just around the corner, I’m getting lots of questions from senior parents reaching out to inquire about senior portraits. As the parent of a high school senior, I know how bittersweet this time is right now. It’s hard to even believe that their senior year is already about to start.

If you’re a parent researching senior photos, you are in the right place. I’m here to help. Keep reading to find all the answers that you’re looking for!

When Is It Too Late to Take High School Senior Photos

Yearbook deadlines vary by high schools. Some schools have deadlines as early as mid-September, others as late as mid-December. At the very latest, you’ll want to schedule your senior portrait session at least three weeks in advance of that deadline. This allows time for retouching and decision-making with regard to what you’re printing for your home and submitting for the yearbook photo. Keep in mind that most quality photographers book up much earlier than three weeks before.

To be safe, try to get your senior portrait session scheduled a couple of months before your yearbook deadline. You can expect most photographers to be booked up a few months out, but if you’ve put this off, don’t fret! You might get lucky with a rare open date or a rescheduled session causing an opening for various reasons. I personally have had two dates open up recently due to rescheduled sessions; one due to an injury, and another contracted Covid. It happens!

However, if the yearbook photo isn’t the most important to you, then you could have their pictures taken anytime during their senior year. You’ll likely want their senior portraits to display at their graduation party, and you’ll for sure want those portraits on display in your home before they leave the nest! 

While the summer before senior year is the most popular time to have senior portraits taken, fall is a close runner-up! I always advise choosing whichever season your son or daughter likes best so that they feel happiest and most comfortable.

High School Senior Portrait Experience

A senior portrait isn’t just about taking a nice photo of your senior. Senior portraits are about celebrating your senior and capturing their personality and interests through professional images that you can proudly display in your home. In fact, my job isn’t done until your beautiful senior portraits are lovingly on display for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

My goal is to get to know your senior before the day of the session so that they feel comfortable and excited for their session. Even my most shy seniors end up having a great time during the session! During our design consultation I learn what makes your son or daughter happiest. What sports, clubs, and hobbies are they involved in? What plans do they have for the future? This helps paint the picture for the direction of the portrait session.

Let Go of Mom Guilt Around Senior Photos

If you’re feeling guilty because either you didn’t do the senior portrait experience with your older child, OR you feel bad for “being behind,” I would encourage you to let go of mom guilt around senior portraits. 

Are you feeling guilty about your other child not having a senior portrait experience? Just let me know about that, and we’ll see if we can incorporate them into the session. 


If you are feeling guilty because you’re “behind,” on senior portraits, rest assured that you are far from alone! Reach out today to get your senior portraits done. I’ll make sure they’re ones you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Lake Country Senior Photographer 

As a mom of four boys, including a senior, I know exactly how you’re feeling! I hope you found the answers you were looking for in this blog post. I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have or check out my FAQ page right here. 

Are you interested in scheduling a senior portrait session with me? Click here to schedule a time to chat!


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