Sometimes when I’m chatting with a potential portrait client, they confess something to me that I hear all too often. It’s quite common and nothing you should be ashamed of at all! 

I get a lot of people “confessing” to me that they didn’t – 

  • get newborn pictures taken with their first child
  • have professional photos taken when their children were hitting milestones earlier in their lives
  • print any portraits from their older child’s senior session
  • and more!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

These poor moms feel guilty about the above and worry if they should go ahead with a portrait session for their younger children. Of course, my answer is always YES, but please allow me to explain why! Mom guilt is tough, I know, but this is one area where you shouldn’t feel guilty at all.

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Maternity and Newborn Portraits with Your Second Child

If you didn’t have maternity and newborn portraits with your first child and now you want them with your second child, don’t let mom guilt stand in your way of capturing the memories you are making right now with your family! Maybe your circumstances have changed, you moved, or perhaps you just didn’t know about the portrait experience until now. During your maternity and newborn session, we can include your older children so that they are part of that experience. Not only will you adore these images, but they will too! Imagine how treasured it would be to have a portrait of your first child holding your sweet newborn that captures the beginning of their sibling bond. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t get maternity or newborn photos with your first child. Instead, focus on your beautiful family now.

You will never regret having portraits taken. I hereby give you permission to let go of the guilt and release the idea that if it isn’t always fair you just shouldn’t do it at all. I can almost guarantee you that 20 years from now when your firstborn is looking at the images of his sibling’s newborn session (with him in them!) he won’t be asking where images from his newborn session are. He will likely be thanking you for having them taken when you did! We’ll make sure that we include your whole family for a precious session that you’ll be able to treasure forever.

Mom Guilt Around Senior Portraits 

I’ve had clients book me for their second child’s senior portraits and feel guilty that their first child didn’t get the same experience. Maybe they worry that the printed portraits they receive from this session won’t match their previous child’s portraits. Or worse, they never printed their first child’s senior portraits at all!

Please don’t worry because I am here to help. I’ve helped solve all of these issues for my clients, and I can help you too! I’ve had clients who have hired other photographers that do not offer printing services to photograph their first child. Years later nothing came of those images because my clients didn’t know how to print, where to print or what to print for their home. I helped them get these images (and ones that I photographed for the younger sibling) up on the wall with beautifully printed wall art for them to enjoy daily. Celebrating your children through priceless portraiture displayed on your walls is what I do day in and day out. Allow me to handle it for you!

Your Delafield Area Certified Professional Photographer 

As your Certified Professional Photographer, I capture your beautiful family at every stage of life and help you tell your family’s story through portrait artwork. As a mom of four, I completely understand the mom guilt and why it might hold you back from your dream portrait session. If this topic resonates with you and you’d like to chat with me about your specific situation, I’d love to set up a time. Please click here to send me a message.


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