I promise you this is a good thing!  A very good thing!

I am SO EXCITED to be kicking off 2017 with announcing that all standard sessions* booked from here on out will be including my new reveal night experience.  You might be thinking to yourself what exactly is a reveal night and how are things changing?  Read on!

Like so many others I am sometimes hesitant to welcome change.  At the same time I’m also all about making life easier and trying to avoid that overwhelming feeling when tasks build up and there isn’t enough time to address them.  That is the worst!

I never want any part of your portrait experience with Julie Collins Photography to feel that way.  My number one goal is to make your experience convenient, easy and fun so that when you look back at your images they give you a warm feeling of happiness.  This is why I’ve decided to make this big change with the service I provide in 2017.

I want you to take a minute to consider which of the following two scenarios sounds nicer to you.

A.  Having a night where I show you all of your 100% edited images in a beautiful slide show.  We use this set aside time deciding together what to do with your images, which will look best in your home and in what sizes as well as where to display them.  A week or two later I hand-deliver everything ready to be hung/put out on your coffee table.

B.  You get an online gallery.  You look at it by yourself.  You then look at it with your husband/wife.  Maybe you then look at it with your kids.  Before long ten days pass by and your gallery has expired so you have to contact me to activate it again so you can repeat steps one and two.  You still can’t decide what sizes to order so you end up just getting whatever it takes to get the digitals so you can decide later.  Then six months go by and your beautiful images are still sitting on the DVD or your computer. 

Does that last scenario sound familiar?  To me that is not good service nor does that sound very easy, fun or enjoyable so that is not what I want for you.  Time is money, right?  And all of that wasted time in scenario two can easily be avoided with a little designated time and my willingness to help right there beside you.

It is such a no-brainer that I’m surprised I didn’t implement this sooner.  I can’t tell you how unbelievably excited I am to be providing this full service experience for my clients.  It is the icing on the cake and what you deserve!  It is a night you will remember and I can’t wait to be there experiencing it right alongside you.

*excludes mini sessions
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