My mother’s solution to digital image file storage is she buys a new CF card for her digital camera every time it gets full.  These CF cards are her only copies of every digital image she has ever taken.  She has piles of them.  This is SO risky!  No matter how many times I’ve tried to beat it over her head that she could lose every one of her images she refuses to change.  For the love of God do not be my mother!

CF cards fail.

Yesterday in my blog post titled, “Are your children growing up on your hard drive?” I talked about the importance of printing your images.  When deciding which images to print you may realize you can’t even find what you are looking for!

It can be overwhelming.

The task of organizing those thousands and thousands of digital files you’ve taken is enough to turn off the computer and walk away.  Been there!  Today I am excited to share with you the file organizing system that I’ve found to be quickest and easiest in my personal life.

Here is how I organize my personal digital images:

I.  Folder name:  My Images

A.  Folder name:  Year

1.  Folder name:  Month

a)  Folder name:  Event

So for example here is what mine look like for this year:

I.  My images

A.  2017

1.  January

a)  Family Hike_Lapham Peak
b)  John’s Birthday
c)  Mrs. Berg’s Shower
d)  Pinewood Derby

2.  February

a)  Valentine’s Day
b)  Basketball

3.  March

a)  Heaven Machine (ask me about this sometime and I’m happy to explain)
b)  Nursery Rhyme Day

My middle school English teacher would be so proud of my outlining skills!  But seriously, this works people!

What about images that don’t fit into any category?

Easy!  One option is to just leave those images loose in the month they were shot.  If you don’t like that idea another thing I do is make a separate folder under the year that says “Artwork” or “Scouts.”  I even have one folder under the year that says, “Boys around the house.”  My random shots of our everyday go in there.

One other item worth mentioning…as you can see in this picture I put a number before each month (1_January, 2_February, etc.).  The reason I do this is because I don’t want my computer automatically alphabetizing  the months out of order.  It’s easier for me to see them in the natural sequence they occurred by placing the number of the month with an underscore before the month title.
Digital file organization

It may take you an hour or two to accomplish this project but I promise that you’ll feel so much better once it’s done!  I hope this has helped inspire you to tackle the task of digital file organization.

Expect another blog post shortly all about some easy options for backing up your files and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more helpful tips!  Sign up here!  I never spam.

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