What do you do with your pictures?

Aside from the obvious answer, (which I hope by now is to PRINT your favorites and hang them around your house for all to enjoy daily), what else do you do with your pictures?

Here’s something we do at our house.  Each of our boys have their own bulletin boards hanging in the hallway right outside of their bedrooms. We hang pictures from all of our summer adventures together to enjoy the whole year long. You can’t imagine how often they reminisce about the fun we had together just because they are right in front of them every time they enter their rooms.  It actually surprises me that it never gets old and always brings smiles to our faces.

When it’s time to switch out the pictures with new ones from the most recent summer I put the ones that I took down in an envelope marked with the year and place them in each of their keepsake totes. Someday I may make a cumulative summer album for each of them using those pictures but if I don’t ever get around to it at least they have their envelopes with the prints!

Just looking at these is getting me super excited for summer!

What do you do with your pictures? I’d love to find out!
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