Are you a winter person? Personally, I’m a summer girl, but you learn to embrace winter when you live in Wisconsin! I’m a big believer in planning on having your family portrait taken every year to celebrate your growing family. If you’re having a tough time fitting it into the schedule, maybe a winter session is perfect for you. 

I always plan my client’s family portrait sessions with the end goal in mind. We decide what you want to do with your portraits, and then we can plan the session from there. Depending on how you want to display your portrait may affect when you wish you have them taken. Many families love having their portraits done in the fall with good reason. The fall colors make a beautiful backdrop, and then you have your portrait ready for holiday cards. However, today, I want to make a case for a winter portrait session. 


Why Have Your Family Portraits Taken in Winter

I have five reasons why you should consider taking your family portrait this winter! Let me know what you think of these. They were fun to come up with. 


1.) Stunning Backdrop – The wintery landscape provides a gorgeous backdrop for your portraits. Snow on the ground creates a lovely white background. If there’s no snow, the bare landscape offers a fairytale background for your photos. Plus, the lighting during this time of year offers a beautiful quality for your photos.


winter family portrait session

2.) Fun Family Activity –  Have something fun on your calendar in January and February for your family to look forward to during the cold months! Make memories with your family during your session and enjoy an excuse to pamper yourself before your photos. 

family photographer julie collins shares why you may like a winter family portrait
having fun during her portrait session
Family of four with two labrador retrievers smiling for camera in winter scene in Lake Country, Wisconsin

3.) Embrace Winter Hobbies/Sports – Does your family ski? Maybe skate? Winter hiking? Whatever your favorite winter activity is, we can incorporate that into your family portrait. 

4.) Snow-Stopping Portraits – Imagine your wintery portraits on the wall! This would create showstopping portrait artwork in your home. I personally love having family portraits in every season that I rotate through displaying in my home.

5.) More Availability – Other seasons tend to book up fast. Booking a family portrait session in the winter allows more availability for your photographer. Outdoor winter sessions tend to go much quicker due to cold temperatures, so we maximize our time wisely!

Indoor Winter Portrait Photography 

If you’re not interested in an outdoor winter session, remember that I have my beautiful studio available for an indoor session, making scheduling even easier! I offer different backdrop options to create the look you want for your portraits. Plus, my treasure trove of accessories are available for us to use. 

Your Family Portrait Photographer

Are you convinced? As I said before, I’m a summer person but love my winter sessions so much! They’re a fun opportunity to capture my families with a Wintery Wisconsin backdrop. If you’re interested in getting on my calendar this winter, let me know here. 



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