Christmas cards are probably my favorite part of Christmas! Well, it’s up there, for sure! I love seeing my friends and family’s photos and reading their messages. It’s a wonderful tradition and I love that I get to be part of it through photography. My family portrait clients are so excited to choose which photo will be this year’s Christmas card. It’s a big deal! 

I offer my clients a full-service experience with the end goal in mind! How you’re choosing to display your portraits is how we plan the entire session; including your holiday Christmas card. If your goal is to take a family photo that will become this year’s card, I want to know that so I will guide you through having a great session that ends with me handing you your holiday card!

Why You Should Professionally Print Your Christmas Cards 

You used to not really have any choice when it came to printing your holiday card. You used to go buy a box of general Christmas cards from the store and maybe print your family photo to include inside. Now, you have so many choices when it comes to your card! 

A popular option is to print your card using a big online company because it seems inexpensive and easy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! I know too many friends and family members who ordered their cards online and didn’t like the result. The color is off, the quality is ho-hum and the process of ordering is not as easy as it might seem. Some reordered a different set and some just had to live with it.

Professionally Print Your Christmas Card This Year

And how annoying is it when you receive a card in the mail that is the exact same design you chose for your card? Nobody likes their card looking like the others. We want to make sure you stand out! 

Printing online may seem easy, but can cause you to stress as you try to choose the right images and the right design. And the time it takes to do so and catch any design flaws such as images not fitting properly, text getting cut off, or typos can be so time-consuming at the busiest time of the year!

I’ve even heard of a few examples of people getting the wrong order – and late! They had to call the company, spending even more of their precious time, to rectify the mixup and received their cards after the holiday. With shipping times extremely delayed this year, you want to trust a professional who will create the best holiday card for your family and help you meet ordering deadlines.

professionally printing your christmas cards

Your Family Photographer

As your trusted family photographer, it’s my mission to capture your family and help you display and share those portraits in your home and with loved ones. With Christmas cards being one of my favorite things, I love taking this off my client’s plates by creating special and unique cards for them! Even better, I can help you create gifts with your portraits to give family members to treasure forever. Send me a message here with any questions about holiday cards!


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