Mom, if you’re worried about your shy high school senior and their senior portrait session, you’re in the right place! There are a few things we can do to help your senior get excited about their senior portraits

Your child has worked hard all through school, and now it’s time to celebrate this big milestone in their life. It’s also time to celebrate the person they’ve become! When else in your life are you able to showcase your interests and talents with priceless portraiture?

I’ll share some tips below on how to help your senior feel ready and excited about their session, but really the most important part of the senior portrait process is meeting you both in person to dive into what makes your son or daughter unique. I love brainstorming on how we can incorporate his/her interests into their portrait session. If you need any help or have questions for me, please send me a message here. I’m always happy to help.

Shy Senior Session Guide 

Here are five tips to help your senior feel excited about their senior session!

  1. Share why this is important to you and for them 

Share why a senior portrait session is important for you as the mama. Maybe you dream of having an official portrait of your baby before they leave the nest. If so, let your son or daughter know how important it is to you. Also, discuss that this is just as much for them! They will want to be able to look back on themselves during this momentous time in their lives and show their children what they were like at this time.

  1. Choose a meaningful location 

Having your child part of the planning process always helps! See if you can find a meaningful location so that your senior feels comfortable and happy in the location. I always like to ask what my seniors like to do and where they spend their time to see if I can feel out a certain location, especially for them. Speaking of that…

  1. Highlight their passions

As I learn more about your senior, I like to see if they have any passions or hobbies that they want to highlight during their session. This could be sports, clubs, the arts, volunteering, a job, or any future plans that they want to highlight. This part of the planning process will usually get your senior feeling involved and excited about their senior portrait session.

  1. Bring support 

I’m all for bringing a friend, girl/boyfriend, or pet if your child wants moral support! Their senior session may be the first time they are professionally photographed and that may feel intimidating. Bringing a friend or family member may be just what they need. However, I wouldn’t recommend bringing the whole friend group!

  1. Find a senior photographer you can trust

Finally, find a senior photographer that you like and can trust. Someone who will treat your child like the individual that they are and not just a number. I truly love getting to know my seniors and helping them feel special on the day of their sessions. Meeting ahead of time always helps shy seniors feel more at ease and comfortable on the day of the session. I have a special place in my heart for shy seniors too. My favorite is when my shy seniors say they had a good time! 

Hartland High School Senior Photographer 

As your Hartland area Certified Professional Photographer, you can trust my experience and skill to deliver stunning professional senior portraits through my full-service senior photography process that you get to treasure forever. The best part of my process is being able to hand mom her very own custom portrait artwork of her child that she gets to enjoy every day. If you’d like to schedule a time to chat with me about scheduling a senior session, please send me a message here.


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