Ever wonder how photographers get that blurred background/sharp subject look where the person being photographed seems to just jump out of the photo?  The above two photos are taken straight out of the camera and not edited AT ALL.  I will say they aren’t perfect or even great photos, just snapshots I took in my yard a few moments ago.  But they are good examples of the point I’m trying to get across:  Auto settings in camera=Bad photo.  Manual settings in camera=Better photo.  There is no reason why anyone should be taking photos like the first one you see above when it takes less than a minute to change a few settings in your camera for such better quality.

For those who have an interest in learning how to get off of “auto” on their DSLRs and start taking control of their cameras this class is for you.  This is the first step in taking great photos!  Topics covered will be understanding exposure, aperture, and ISO and how they all work together, composure, white balance, focusing properly and a brief overview of lenses and accessories.  This class will be one two-hour session for $125 to take place in Delafield, WI on Sunday, February 22nd from 1-3 p.m.  Email me at julie@juliecollinsphoto.com if you are interested in on the fun!  You can also feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page.

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