I’m bringing back a little bit of summer in honor of Angela’s 40th birthday.  This family…what can I say about them without sounding cliché.  They truly are the sweetest ever.  Let me give you a few examples but first a bit of history.  I had been photographing families on the side for several years before moving to Oconomowoc but about two and a half years ago decided to make this little business of mine a bit more serious.  This was about the time I met Angela.  She and I had mutual friends and she contacted me for some maternity photos.
Not long after she contacted me for photos of her newborn, precious little Vin.  He was one of the first newborns I had ever photographed.  At this session (I think it was the third time I had ever met her) Angela offered me a beer.  Ha!  I regretfully declined.  I was working after all.  Luckily I have had one or two (or more) with her since then.

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know the rest of her beautiful family from several other sessions she scheduled.

Their oldest son Rigg:

And their only daughter Gia:

I’m so honored to photograph families over time and capture personalities, growth and special bonds with each other.

Enough history.  Let’s talk about some examples of this family’s awesomeness.  They are always thinking of and helping others.  Angela, coming from a large Italian family, has a lot of cousins.  I mean A LOT.  She always speaks highly of me and my work and has sent a good number those cousins my way.

Let me also say that I was making conversation with Angela at one of our sessions a while back and had mentioned that I was excited to have a date night with my husband that night because it was our anniversary.  She asked where we had planned on going so I told her.  That night at dinner the server brought us a bottle of wine “on the Watermans” congratulating us on our anniversary.  This describes the type of people they are.  Sweet, thoughtful, caring, selfless, super laid back.  My kind of people.

So happy 40th birthday Angela!  I’m so happy you reached out and asked to work with me years ago and that we have gotten to know each other and have become friends since.  I hope your day is super fabulous just like you!

And one more because I just can’t resist the cuteness of this little guy!

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