Today, I thought we’d have some fun and start with a little quiz! Go through the questions and mentally tally up how many As, Bs, and Cs you get…

Let’s start!

family photography julie collins of Oconomowoc captures this sweet mom and her three kids

1. How many photos are on your phone?

A. 500-1,000

B. 1,001-5,000

C. 5000+


2.How many of those photos are of your children?

A. Some of them

B. Most of them

C. What else would I take pictures of!?


3. How many are of YOU and your children?

A. Quite a few

B. I can find some

C.Hardly any


4. How many photos of your children are on display in your home?

A. 1-2

B. 3-4

C. 5+


5. How many photos of YOU and your children are on the walls?

A. There are some

B. One on my nightstand

C. None


If you answered Bs and Cs, then I want to help you change that! 

mothers day photo session

We take so many photos of our children, but as moms, we tend to stay behind the camera. You might even have more photos of your children with your husband than of YOU and your children. 

As moms, we do everything for our families without hesitation. We are there from morning until night taking care of everyone’s needs before our own. Mother’s Day is our big day to be celebrated and spoiled. What better way to celebrate than by taking professional portraits with your beautiful kiddos? Moms deserve to have keepsake portraits with their children. 

Why Celebrating Moms with Special Portrait Sessions is the Best Gift 

Do you have treasured photos with YOUR mom? I only have a couple from childhood and I wish I had more. My mom tended to shy away from being in front of the camera, plus, taking photos wasn’t as easy as it was today. 

A special Mother’s Day Portrait Session is a treasured piece for you to enjoy and pass down to your children and their children. Yes, we live in an age where it’s so easy to snap a million photos from your phone, but a professional portrait is one that will turn into family artwork that’s passed down. 

Flowers and candy are lovely Mother’s Day treats, but the best gift of all is preserving your family’s memories. 

mothers day portrait

Family Photographer Julie Collins Offers Mother’s Day Sessions 

Saturday, April 10th is my Mother’s Day Limited Edition Sessions! The Celebrate Mom Project is a way for you to celebrate what you do best — Motherhood! There will be a photo and video session just for you! Images and video clips will be combined to create one-of-a-kind art pieces that are sure to be among your most treasured belongings You will receive a $100 print credit to use toward heirloom products after the session. Click here to book your spot!

Are you interested in a spring/summer family photo session? Let me know, and we can schedule your family portraits!

mother and son during family potrait


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