You’ve been there for your child since their first steps, the first day of school, and so much more, and now it’s time to celebrate your amazing high school senior! Senior portraits are a beautiful way to capture your child as they celebrate their school achievements before heading off on their next adventures.

My senior portrait experience has evolved over the past few years in an effort to can get to know these young men and women and make portraits that reflect their individuality. While senior portrait trends change, the Julie Collins Photography Senior Experience offers timeless portraits and heirloom keepsakes that you will treasure forever. We accomplish all of this through a stress-free and fun experience for you and your senior!

Lake Country, WI High School Senior Portrait Experience 

This is the five-part senior portrait process that is designed with you and your senior in mind!

1. Get to Know Your Senior (and you!)

This part is so important! During our initial conversation, I’ll be asking questions about your son/daughter’s interests and hobbies to get to know them better. This is a light conversation about what sports and instruments they play, what jobs they have, organizations they’re involved in, etc. This is an exciting time to dream up a unique portrait session that highlights what’s important to your son or daughter at this time in their life. If your senior loves to ski and it’s summertime, I might not be able to take their senior portraits on the ski hill, but we will definitely still incorporate their beloved hobby in some way. I want this to be their chance to shine no matter what their interests are!

The consultation is also a time when we talk about what you would like to do with the portraits once they are taken. We come up with a plan that is custom-designed to fit in your home perfectly so when your child flies the coop you’ll have beautiful portraits on the wall to remember this time.

2. Choose a Meaningful Location 

I believe that choosing a meaningful portrait location will help your senior feel comfortable, happy, and confident! If there’s a park or special place where your family has spent a lot of time, that might be a great place for their portraits. Since we are in Lake Country, WI, there might be a lake that your family loves to frequent. If you need ideas, just ask! I am here to help you find the best locations that are meaningful and show off your personality and interests.

3. Wardrobe Guidance

Should your senior dress up? Keep it more casual? What colors will look best? What if you want your senior to wear a certain outfit or accessory? I eliminate all confusion by offering wardrobe guidance.  We’ll make sure your senior feels comfortable while still showcasing his or her personality. You’ll be set long before the session!

4. Session Day

Session day is here! Today is not only all about capturing your beautiful daughter/handsome son and their stellar personality, it’s about making them feel that way. I love helping every person who steps in front of my camera feel like a unique and beautiful human being, worthy of love and appreciation who is destined to do great things in life.

I have found senior sessions to be a particularly perfect time to build self-confidence in our youth and am always so honored to receive messages from moms afterwards thanking me for making a difference in their child’s experience. This testimonial still makes me smile years later, “Julie, you made my daughter feel like how I see her everyday…BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for letting her see a glimpse of her true beauty. Her pictures turned out tasteful and gorgeous. Thank you so much!”

You and your senior are in good hands and can leave everything to me. Mom (and dads too if they choose), you’ll want to make sure that you’re camera-ready because I love squeezing in a few portraits with you too.

What if My Senior is Camera Shy?

I get this question a lot. What should you do if your senior is camera shy or doesn’t have an interest in senior portraits? I would explain to your child why senior portraits are important to you. My senior experience is created so that everyone is happy and comfortable throughout the entire process. I keep things light, easy and am not afraid to crack some jokes along the way to get all the natural smiles. I’ve even had shy senior boys admit they had a good time afterwards! 

5. Image Reveal + Ordering

Approximately two weeks later, we’ll have our image reveal and ordering session. You’ll be invited to my studio to watch a custom slideshow of your portraits. This is a time to remember! We’ll discuss options for your favorite images and decide how you’re going to use them from your senior yearbook photo to which ones are printed and framed on the walls.

Finally, my clients love that everything is handled from beginning to end. After we meet for this last appointment you don’t have to do anything! No worrying about printing photos in time for the senior party or which one you’re sending to the yearbook. It’s all taken care of for you!

Your Senior Photographer | Delafield, WI 

As Lake Country, WI’s trusted high school senior photographer, it’s my mission to capture your child during all special times in their lives. Over the years, I’ve refined my process so that you don’t have to worry about anything. I take care of all the details so that you and your senior can just enjoy the process and have fun. If you want to get in touch with me, please send me a message here. 



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