Senior season is in full swing! I love getting to meet my seniors and plan their sessions. Each one is totally unique and is so much fun to capture. If you have a high schooler, you might have some questions about the senior experience. I would too! 

Your child’s senior portraits are a BIG deal. I’m here to help make your life easier by answering the top 5 questions I get asked about senior photography. If you think of any other questions, let me know or visit my senior portraits page for examples of my work. 

Let’s dive into the top 5 questions about senior photography!

FAQ Lake Country Senior Photography

1. When Do I Take Senior Photos?

I actually have an entire blog post dedicated to this question which you can read here. In short, I highly recommend taking your senior photos the summer before senior year. That gives you time to have your session and choose which photos you want to print and use for the yearbook.

2. Where Do We Take My Senior Photos? 

It’s important to choose a location that’s meaningful to the senior! When we sit down for your consultation we brainstorm together on what type of backdrop would suit you best. I have recommendations for all types of locations that will surely fit your senior’s preferences. I like to get to know what they enjoy (woods for outdoorsy seniors or lakes for beach lovers, for example) to make recommendations using that knowledge. This ensures that my seniors are not only comfortable with their location choice but feel natural and happy in their surroundings.

lake country senior photographer shares senior FAQ

3. What Should I Wear? 

Sometimes seniors know exactly what they want to wear… and sometimes they have no clue! I can help with wardrobe suggestions; otherwise, my rule of thumb is to bring 2-3 outfit changes and wear something that the senior is comfortable in that shows their personality. Layers look fantastic in photos (jewelry is considered a layer too!) and avoid neon and logos! 


4. What Happens if it Rains? 

If it rains the day of your session, we will work together to reschedule! I’ll make sure you know with as much notice as possible so that you’re not all dressed up before we make the call. Wisconsin weather can be finicky, so it might rain all morning and then stop by the time of the session.

5. When Can I See My Photos? 

We’ll be scheduling your grand reveal to occur within two weeks of your session date. During this appointment, you’ll be treated to a slide show of your images set to music after which we’ll select which of your favorites you’d like printed into some beautiful new artwork. There’s nothing like physical prints to hold and enjoy to remember this time.

Lake Country Senior Photography 

I hope this tackles your top questions about senior photography! I help seniors from Lake Country to Milwaukee plan a senior portrait session meaningful to them and capture who they are in this transitional and special time. 

I’d love to be your senior photographer! Please reach out to me if you’re interested in booking. Not quite ready to book? I invite you to join my monthly email newsletter. Join hundreds of other moms on my list for exclusive promotions and tips from yours truly!

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