Meet the awesome Vukelich family!

Chances are if you’ve followed my work at all you’ve probably already seen these beauties on my social media or website.¬† This family prioritizes having family portraits taken annually, and I love being part of their tradition. It was difficult to choose which photos to highlight in this post because there are so many!

Delafield family photography session

The Vukelich’s most recent family photography session in 2020

Their family photo sessions are always entertaining, from dance parties of many years ago when they were much smaller to joking about their current “boyfriends,” their family keeps things light-hearted and fun. I recently photographed their 2020 family session at The Fish Hatchery and Cushing Park in Delafield and was reminiscing on the past eight years of Vukelich portraits!

Lake Country Family Photography

This adorable family photo session from 2015 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

What do they do with all of their pictures?

They update the wall art in their newly remodeled home each year with new portraits of each girl as well as the family and makes an album as a keepsake for each of the girls. I can imagine these girls paging through these albums now and someday when they’re much older, reminiscing fondly of their memories forged with their sweet family when they were younger. I can even picture their children looking through them, curious about what their mom was like as a child. What a gift!

Family Photography

This family photo session from 2017 makes my heart melt!

One of my favorite things about this family is their sense of adventure and open-mindedness to trying new ideas. At our last session together their middle daughter wanted to go exploring in the middle of the river. As she was navigating the rocky path the rest of the family followed her out there. Their littlest one was gripping onto Daddy with all her might making it known that she wasn’t happy about this decision but she enjoyed being out there once she was on solid ground once again. This family picture in the middle of the river turned out to be one of their favorite images from the session.

Family of five with three sisters in middle of river for family pictures at Cushing Park, Delafield, Wisconsin

Family Portraits during Covid

Luckily, having family pictures taken is a very COVID-19 safe activity so we didn’t have to miss this year’s session. Unfortunately, Erica mentioned how difficult it was to find coordinating outfits during COVID.

Many of the stores she normally would shop weren’t open, and the ones that were were didn’t seem to be stocking much from the current season. She ended up piecing things together by shopping online but had a mountain of returns due to things not working well with the fit and color. As frustrating as that was for this mama, I’m so glad that she pushed through and made their annual photo session happen!

Vukelich family photo session 2018

One of the best things about being a portrait artist is watching a family grow from pregnancy through high school. I am honored time and time again with the privilege to document these years for families.

Family Photographer Near Me

Love this photo from the 2019 family photo session of the girls with their beautiful mom!

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