Pinch me because I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures of the most beautiful seniors this year.  This time it was Madison, a senior at Sussex High School.  We hit up Retzer Nature Center first and then headed to Frame Park in Waukesha to finish out the evening.  On the way we passed by Elvis, who was performing at some kind of street festival that was going on which was very entertaining while we waited for the light to change!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather or better light for our session.  Everything was so beautiful!  I am known for being easily distracted by pretty, “shiny” things (as my husband calls it) and very commonly you’ll hear me say, “OK, we’ll just head over by those rocks, get a few last shots and then we’ll be done!” only to have me distracted by three other beautiful locations that strike me on our way over to those rocks where we just HAVE TO stop and take more.  That may or may not happen about five times at every session but this time around it was probably more like 15.  Ha!  Madison was a trooper and went with it, as do all the awesome people I get to photograph.  I’m the luckiest!
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