I love living in a state that has four seasons! The great thing about it is the ever-changing landscape around us. Don’t like one particular season? No worries! It will change in just a few short months. Maybe you’ll like that one more! Today I’m going to talk about all four seasons and the advantages for having family photos taken in each.

When you’re contemplating having your family portraits taken, a good thing to think about is which season you’d prefer. Begin with the end in mind. Does your home décor have warm tones where fall photos would look good? Or is the vibe more coastal where summer photos by the lake would look perfect? Perhaps you have softer, more muted tones in your home where spring photos would suit you best. Of course, winter pictures are gorgeous with all that snow and neutral enough that it would fit most any décor.


Fall is the most popular time of year to get family photos taken in Wisconsin. But is it right for you?
Family of four posing for photos in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in the fall
Earlier sunsets can be helpful for families with small children who have earlier bedtimes. You can still get that beautiful light and no cranky children. Bonus!

Comfortable temperatures allow for layered clothing, which photographs beautifully and that is very easy to do in the fall. Nobody is sweating in this weather.

If you have an infant or toddler having photos taken in the fall will guarantee that your holiday card will look like the present day. He/she won’t have grown too much before those cards are sent out!

Of course, the beautiful trees are usually the reason families want their photos taken at this time of year. Jewel tones work well with the changing colors of the trees. Are those tones good for your coloring if you were to wear them? Also, imagine if those rich reds, oranges and yellows would work on the walls in your home. If not, you may want to consider other seasons.

Also, scheduling can be difficult in the fall because there are only about two weeks in the year when those leaves look as good as they do and those coveted spots book up fast.

Finally, popular locations can get very busy with other photographers and their families so keep that in mind if you have your heart set on a public park for your location. Consider more private venues, such as your yard or neighborhood if you prefer to avoid having a bunch of strangers watch you pose for your pictures, and potentially distracting your children. Talk to your photographer to see if she has ideas of more intimate locations if that’s important to you.


Winter is the least popular season for family photos but I LOVE the beauty of winter for the following reasons. Family of six posing for pictures in winter in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
The sun is lower in the sky this time of year giving off a different quality of light than what you’d find the rest of the year. It also sets quite early so you can still get that ideal light if you have kids that go to bed early.

It is fun to accessorize with winter clothing. Hats, mittens, scarves and peacoats are all so pretty in photos. I took my own family photos in the winter a few years back and had so much fun shopping for this session. They are my favorite family photos to date!

Winter is great for candid photographs. It’s fun to play around in the snow with your family! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and take turns pulling each other in a vintage sled (I have one you can borrow!). These activities will all make for great photos you’ll treasure forever.

The neutral colors of winter fit easily into homes. Tan grasses, the blue tones of evergreen trees (vs. the yellow-green leaves of deciduous trees) and of course the white snow are easy to match with the tones of the décor in modern day homes.

Finally, Wisconsin under a blanket of snow is simply beautiful.

However, these sessions can be a bit briefer than sessions at other times of the year due to the cold. This can be advantageous if you have a husband with little patience for photos or children who lose interest. Either way, your skilled photographer will work quickly to get the photos you will love.


Spring is all about the blooms! If you have girls in your family you must get family photos taken in the springtime at least once. You can find all different colors and shades of pink and white blooms that look fantastic in photographs. Family of five posing in Wisconsin apple orchard for family pictures
It’s easy to find available dates on your photographer’s calendar as spring is not as popular as summer or fall. Depending on what your family is involved in spring could be an easier time of year to find the time to schedule family photos rather than summer or fall.

Layered clothing is essential this time of year because the temps can swing dramatically in the sprint. This is good because layers look fabulous in photos!

You’ll have your holiday card knocked out long before Christmas leaving you with more time in November/December when it seems like you haven’t enough to get it all done. However, if you have a baby or toddler he/she will change so much between now and December so spring might not be ideal if you plan to use these images for your holiday card.

Although the weather is usually comfortable and the kids are so happy to be outside playing again after such a long winter, it can be wet. A great way to battle this is to stick to higher ground, especially for seated photographs. I also recommend bringing along some cute rain boots for the kids to splash in any puddles they find at the end of the session. They will be so happy having this fun and the photos will be priceless!


Family of four posing for family pictures in the summer on Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin
Summer is a close second to fall as far as popularity for family photos is concerned. The weather is usually nice and living in lake country allows for beautiful pictures by the water.
Wildflowers are abundant in the summer lending for beautiful backgrounds in your photos. Your photographer will be scouting constantly to find the best flowers for you to dance with. There are all sorts of colors to suit your style.

The easy-breezy feeling of summer is perfect for those laid-back styles like sundresses, maxi skirts and classic bare feet.

Extended family may be in town visiting during this time of year so you may be able to get some photos with Grandma and Grandpa too!

However, summer can be unbearably hot so I stick to late evening sessions when the sun is lower in the sky and not so uncomfortable. We’re going for snuggly, happy family photos, not “do not touch me whatever you do” pictures.

The days are long in the summertime so if you have little ones who have early bedtimes it might be near impossible to schedule a sunset session. I always tell my clients that happy babies trump good light every time so schedule around when your children are happiest. Cranky children even with beautiful light will still be cranky children. Well-rested, happy children are better every time.


if you always have your family photos taken in the same season, I urge you to try others. It just might surprise you and end up producing your new favorite photos!

Here is an idea…I like to rotate the wall art out in my home depending on the current season just like I swap out throw pillows and other décor in our home. So, when it is springtime, I put up my favorite photos from our family’s last spring photo session in the prime location in our home. And my favorite holiday décor to put out is our winter family photos! They help get me through our long winter.

Whatever season you decide is perfect for your family photos, I am here for you! Ready to schedule your family photo session? Get in touch today to ensure you get your desired date!

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