I love it when you can smell that spring is coming! My family had a lot of fun this past winter and even got to cheer on my oldest at the state skiing competition, but it’s time to hang up the skis and get out our warmer gear. I can’t believe how much my kids grew over the winter. Anyone else?

Thinking about getting our warmer clothes out makes me think of spring portrait sessions, of course!  Every family has their own preference for which is the best season to take their family portraits. I personally think spring is a great season for family portraits! The days are getting longer, the temperatures are warming up, and everyone is ready to get out and have some fun.

If you’re sold on spring, your next question might be what should you wear for spring family portraits!? Wardrobe guidance is included with all my sessions, but I will share my top tips right here for you!

6 Tips to Style Your Family Portrait Session

1. Choose Location –
You might think this is an odd tip on what to wear for a portrait session, but stay with me! Spring offers beautiful flowers and greenery for sessions, but it might be wet/muddy. Of course, we’ll avoid the mud at all costs, but I might not recommend cute sandals, depending on the location. Plus, if you choose a location with gorgeous flowers, you might want the blooming backdrop to be your only accessory.

2. Start with Neutrals – Really, you can’t go wrong with neutrals, but it’s especially important in spring! Think cream, beige, or light gray for the primary color, and then we’ll work in splashes of other colors that coordinate well with the scenery around you.

3. Add a Splash of Spring Colors – Spring color palettes include pinks, greens, light blues, and light purples. I personally love blush and sage green! I usually don’t recommend wearing any bold patterns in your photos as they can be distracting, and later you might look at your portrait and feel it’s dated.

4. Minimize Big, Flashy Accessories – Less is more for accessories in your family portraits! Remember, you’ll proudly display your family portrait artwork in your home for years to come, so we want all attention on your beautiful family. Large necklaces along with other shiny jewelry, and even some belts will serve as a distraction.

5. Layer Accordingly – Of course, it is spring in Wisconsin, so we want to make sure we layer accordingly. I personally love when I can get some shots of the kids jumping in puddles, so bring their rain boots! Light sweaters or blazers for the formal spring look are other layers that work well.

6. Spot Check Before – Out of every tip on this blog, please remember this one! Always spot-check everyone’s outfits at least several days before the session. If you can, have everyone try their outfits on and double-check that everything fits, there are no stains and no other wardrobe issues. Doing this in advance, gives you plenty of time to make any adjustments. 

Please check out my other blog post with tips on having a stress-free family portrait session. 

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Now that you’re excited about a spring family portrait session and know what you’re going to wear, I’d love to introduce myself! My name is Julie Collins, and I am a Certified Professional Photographer offering a full-service portrait experience. I guide my clients through the entire portrait process that results in portrait artwork that tells your family’s story. If you’d like to learn more, I’d love to connect. Just send me a message here to get started. 


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