So, you’ve decided to update your professional headshot. If deciding what to wear for your headshot is stressing you out, then you’re in the right place. All of my sessions include wardrobe guidance, and whenever I help a client select their outfits, I can just see their relief. It’s stressful choosing what to wear, and you want to get it right. You want to look professional while also showcasing your personality. Your headshot is your first impression, so let’s make it great!

Here, I’ll offer wardrobe tips and best practices for men and women.

What Clothing Looks Best for a Headshot?

Here are my best general tips on what to wear for your headshot session. 

Classic Pieces – I’ll dive into this more for men and women, but in general, I recommend sticking to classing clothing pieces vs. trendy outfits. I’m talking long sleeve button-ups for men and long sleeve blouses for women. Sweaters and professional-looking long sleeve shirts are fine too. 

Color Tips – It’s best to avoid bright colors and especially neon, for your headshot. These bright colors reflect onto the skin on your neck and face. In other words, it doesn’t photograph well and won’t look as professional as we want. Think neutral, classic colors such as creams, navy, white, black, dark red, etc. 

Make Sure it Fits – This might sound silly but make sure you try on your outfit a week or so before your headshot session. Make sure your outfit fits, has no stains or tears, and that you like it. Don’t try it on the night before or even the morning of the session because if you do find something, you’ll find yourself scrambling to find a new outfit. Give yourself the gift of time!

What Women Should Wear for a Professional Headshot 

Brand Colors – In the tips above, I suggested creams, black, white, navy, and dark red as your base color. However, you can incorporate your brand colors into your headshot as well. Maybe your blouse is your brand color, and your blazer is black. However, you don’t necessarily have to wear your exact brand color if it doesn’t look good on you. You can choose a complementary color that will look nice on your branded materials. 

Long Sleeves – Always choose long sleeve tops for your headshot. If you wear short sleeves, your skin will show up on the very edge of your headshot and be distracting. Plus, the short sleeves will look seasonal. 

Classic Wardrobe Options – Think professional, classic blouse with a blazer, long-sleeve, sweater, or a classic blouse. We want to avoid trendy clothes as they will look outdated faster than you think! 


Fewer Accessories – Avoid too many or big accessories for your headshot. While they might look beautiful, they’ll distract from your face and will look outdated in a few short years. You can still wear jewelry; just keep it classic. For example, choose stud earrings or simple, classic dangling earrings. 

Choose the Right Undergarments – When you try on your outfit before the session, make sure you’re wearing the right undergarments! We don’t want your bra straps falling out or showing through your blouse. 


What Men Should Wear for a Professional Headshot 

Solid Colors – Solid colors photograph much better and will create a headshot that looks great on any branding material. Choose black, dark gray, navy, or cream. I don’t usually suggest white if you’re not wearing a jacket over it.  

Classic Wardrobe Options – For men, you can’t go wrong with a solid button-down shirt. You can add a jacket over the button-down shirt to add a layer and a quick second look. Professional sweaters are okay too. Avoid short sleeves, as the headshot will show your arms and be distracting. 

Ties – If you usually wear a tie and you want to for your headshot, that’s fine. Avoid bright or distracting colors and patterns.

Fitted over Loose – Fitted clothing photographs much better and will make you look slimmer. 

Your Lake Country, WI Headshot Photographer

Whew! I hope this guide on what to wear for your headshot was helpful. The bottom line is to choose classic over trendy and make sure your outfit fits you well. For the best results, work with a photographer you can trust to help you capture your best headshot yet. If you’re looking for a Lake Country, WI headshot photographer, I would be happy to help you. Please send me a message here to chat.


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