There is nothing more precious than family! With portrait photography, we tend to wait for a certain milestone or “deadline” to book a session. For example, you take newborn portraits when the baby is born, first-year milestone baby photography when your baby turns one, you schedule senior portraits when your child is a senior, etc. Fall tends to be very busy for family photographers because many clients are reaching out for fall family photos because they’re thinking about their Christmas cards. 

There’s a very special type of session with no natural deadline – an extended family photoshoot! 

Extended family portrait sessions are such a treasure to capture and display, yet they can be the trickiest session to schedule! These sessions are SO important to document your family’s story. Check out this other blog with five reasons why to take a multi-generational family portrait.

Today, I want to share some of the best times to schedule and take an extended family portrait!

The Best Time to Take Extended Family Photos in Oconomowoc, WI

Grandchildren are Growing Up – How old are your grandchildren? It seems like grandchildren grow at warp speed.  Don’t feel like you need to wait until a certain age. If you have babies or toddlers, we’ll be able to take a great family portrait. Capture them now while they’re still young! Grandparents will treasure photos with them holding their young grandchildren!

Grandparents Are Still Mobile – It’s hard to imagine, but soon grandparents will slow down. Luckily the Julie Collins Photography studio is located in Downtown Oconomowoc and is accessible with an elevator! However, you’ll want to take this special extended family portrait long before they slow down. Take them now while they’re still mobile!

Holidays – Last year, I did an extended family session over Thanksgiving weekend and this year I have one scheduled as well! If you have your entire family coming into town for Thanksgiving or Christmas, reach out to me. I usually stay in the area for the holidays and can take on a very limited number of extended family studio sessions.

Milestone Anniversaries – Is it the grandparents’ 40th? 50th? Maybe even 60th anniversary? What better way to celebrate an incredible marriage and family than by capturing a multi-generational family portrait? After the session, we can create heirloom portrait artwork for each family to keep forever. 

Now – You might think it’s fine to put off this session for a million reasons, but I want to give you one reason why you shouldn’t – nothing is guaranteed. I don’t want to come across as morbid, but it’s true. Don’t wait and have regrets!

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of planning a session like this, please don’t worry! I have helpful tips for you here on how to plan your multi-generational family portrait in Lake Country. 

Oconomowoc Extended Family Photographer

As you can see, I’m so passionate about documenting your extended family and creating multi-generational portrait artwork that your family will treasure for years to come. Let’s capture your amazing family this year. As a Certified Professional Photographer, I’m happy to help you through the entire extended family photoshoot process. Send me a message here to get started! 


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