Preparing for your new baby is such an exciting time! Whether it’s your first or your fourth, those nine months are such a special time waiting to meet the love of your life. If you’re wondering when is the best time to schedule your maternity portraits, I’m so glad you’re doing your research! I will answer all of your questions and more.

Documenting this precious time with maternity portraits is something you’ll never regret. So, let’s dive into when you should schedule a maternity session, as well as a few other questions you might have!

When Should You Schedule Your Maternity Portraits?

Drumroll, please… I usually recommend scheduling your maternity portraits to be taken between 31 and 36 weeks. 

Here’s why –

Between 31 and 36 weeks, moms typically have a nice round belly but aren’t feeling too uncomfortable yet. As you can see, this is a relatively short window of opportunity, and I highly recommend booking your photographer as soon as you feel comfortable doing so! 

If you have a different circumstance during your pregnancy, such as carrying multiples or any other reason why this window might not work for you, please let me know! I’m happy to work with you to schedule maternity portraits for your circumstance.

Perks of a Studio Maternity Session

One question I frequently get is with the Wisconsin weather being so cold, what happens if your 31-36 week timeframe falls during the winter months? Or what if it falls during the sweltering heat of summer? Depending on your due date, your maternity session could fall on a day or season with less-than-ideal weather. I highly recommend working with a photographer that has a studio space. One advantage of a studio maternity session is that we don’t have to worry about the weather! It’s always nice and comfortable in the studio. The main advantage is your portraits have a very high-end fine art feel to them with gorgeous in studio lighting.

Should You Book Your Maternity and Newborn Photographer at the Same Time?

I’m so passionate about this that I have an entire blog post dedicated to the answer. In short, YES! Finding a photographer who can take your maternity and newborn portraits is such a great option. Book your newborn portraits as soon as you feel comfortable doing so to make sure you get the photographer that you want. By booking the same photographer for both, you’ll be set for both sessions and can sit back and enjoy the full-service portrait process.

Lake Country Maternity Portrait Photographer

Making time and a bit of effort to capture the love and excitement that your family has for this new baby is time well spent! I would be honored to be your maternity and newborn photographer to help you every step of the way. Please send me a message here to schedule a time to chat!


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