They always say raising kids goes fast. Blink, and you almost miss it! If you’re the parent of a high school student, you may have realized that senior year is quickly approaching which means you need to think about senior portraits. 

Planning your senior photography session should be an enjoyable and celebratory experience! As you remember from my previous blog post, it’s important to choose a meaningful location for your senior portraits to help your senior feel connected to her portraits. 

The other big question is when should you have your senior portraits taken? There are a couple of factors that go into the answer, so let’s walk through the best time of year for your senior portraits and why. 

The Best Time of Year for Senior Portraits in Lake Country, WI

So, typically, the very best time to take your senior photos is the summer before the start of senior year! Summer in Lake Country offers a gorgeous backdrop with blue skies and longer days. It also gives us ample time to process your portraits before the yearbook deadlines. 

Many of my clients prefer summer because of their preference for outfits, backdrops, and being able to check this off the list before school starts.

Fall is another time of year that is very popular for having your high school portraits taken. The backdrop provides a lot of beautiful color and the weather is cooler, allowing seniors to get creative with layering what they wear, which always looks fantastic in photos.

I always advise to check your yearbook deadline before selecting a date for your senior portraits. If you go too late in the fall you may not have enough time to submit the yearbook photo selection in time. That being said, every high school is different and their yearbook deadlines vary greatly. Oconomowoc High School is the latest I’ve seen, with a December 15th deadline in years past.

Best Time of Day for Senior Portraits 

I always highly recommend taking senior photos during the “Golden Hour” which is 2 hours before sunset for the best natural lighting! Not only does the light provide a softer, more pleasing look to the skin but your senior won’t be squinting at the camera with the sun much lower in the sky.

The moral of the story is to have your senior photos done sometime before or right around the start of your senior year and preferably a few hours before sunset.

Taking Senior Portraits in Different Seasons 

But what if your senior really wants a different season? That’s okay! Maybe your senior does a winter sport or really wants a snowy backdrop. That’s totally fine, and we can make sure to plan our timeline accordingly. It’s important to reach out to a photographer as soon as you can to schedule the session.

Oconomowoc Senior Photography 

Finding a trusted senior photographer with experience capturing Lake Country families and seniors is a must! I take the time to get to know you, and your senior, so we can create a portrait session that reflects them. We’ll work together to plan your senior’s session so that it’s perfect! 

I’ve had the honor of photographing seniors from high schools all over the area including; 

  • Oconomowoc High School
  • Arrowhead High School
  • Kettle Moraine High School
  • Catholic Memorial High School
  • Pewaukee High School
  • Lake Country Lutheran High School
  • Brookfield Academy
  • Waukesha High School (all)
  • Brookfield High School (all)
  • Greenfield High School

As a mom of four, I know how important this session is for the entire family! This is an opportunity to celebrate your senior while capturing them as they are right now to treasure forever. I absolutely love being able to hand mom her senior’s prints to showcase in her home and hold onto as a keepsake. If you think I would be a good fit, let’s chat!


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