Friends don’t let friends keep photos on a flash drive! We’re in an incredible time with lots of options to digitally store your photos. I want to encourage you to print your portraits and display them in your home. I’ve shared ideas on what you should do with your professional portraits in the past, but today I want to take a step back and share more about why you should print your photographs. 


It’s my passion to make sure your family photos are never sitting on a flash drive in a junk drawer! Your family portraits deserve to be proudly displayed in your home. There are so many reasons why, but today I’ll share these four.

Reasons Why You Should Print Your Portraits 

Let me share four reasons why you should print your family portraits. Did any of these surprise you? Tell me in the comments!

Technology Fails (and changes frequently) – I’ll start with the tough one first! I do love being able to store photos on my computer. However, I’ve had friends and family lose precious images because of a bad hard drive, lost flash drive, or lost cloud storage access. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape failed technology it changes so quickly! CDs are a thing of the past and new computers don’t even have USBs. By printing and displaying your family portraits, you have tangible photos to keep displayed in your home and that will never fail! 

Best Home Decor – This reason is easy and fun! Your gorgeous family portraits make the BEST home decor. You can’t pick this stuff up at Target or Home Goods. Your heirloom family gallery wall can be the focal point of your living space for everyone to enjoy. I help my clients plan their sessions around where they will display their photos.

Enjoy Your Growing Family – Speaking of your heirloom family gallery wall, printing and displaying your photos is a beautiful way to enjoy your growing family every day. You, and your children, will love seeing their pictures on the wall. When they’re little, kids love to see themselves, and as they grow, they’ll feel happy and secure surrounded by family portrait artwork.

Family Legacy – Imagine when your child is grown, and you can hand him his first-year album or his senior portrait to treasure in his own home and pass down to his children. Your printed portraits are part of your family’s legacy. Of course, I have some photos of my parents when they were young, but I wish I had a high-quality album of them to treasure!

Finding a Portrait Photographer 

Knowing what to print and how to display it can be overwhelming! That’s why I’m here to help. I lead my clients through planning their sessions around where they wish to display their portraits. This way, we can plan and execute the entire process with the end goal in mind. The session isn’t complete until your portraits are properly displayed! I’m happy to answer any questions or schedule your session. Just drop me a note here.


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