Summer is my favorite time of the year. We get to enjoy longer days, sunshine, lake life activities, and more time with our kids! Lake Country, WI, is the best in the summer, with so much to do with our families. All this considered, summer is my favorite season for outdoor family portraits. I’m excited to share my top reasons why! 

Here are my five reasons why summer is the best season for family portraits.

5 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Season for Family Portraits 

Best Outdoor Lake Country Locations –The beautiful Lake County, WI area offers so many gorgeous outdoor locations. Not only do we have so many lakes to choose from, but the beautifully manicured parks are in full bloom and fields full of wildflowers. Even urban settings in this area offer such variety for the perfect session location. My portrait studio is located in Downtown Oconomowoc, and we’re just steps away from Fowler Lake and Lac La Belle. It’s easy for us to find great spots super close to my studio, which means you can get both a studio look AND an outdoor look if you so desire!

Relaxed Family Schedule – Fall is a super busy time for families – especially families with children! The start of the school year is a difficult time to adjust for everyone, with earlier bedtimes and starts to your day, it can be extra tiring. This can play into the mood of the family as a whole, but especially your children. Many families tend to have a more relaxed summer schedule. The kids might have a few camps and sports but aren’t as busy as they are during the school year. I know some parents are able to take half or full days off on Fridays to spend more time with their kids. This makes scheduling your portrait session so much easier! Also, with the sun setting later during the summer, it makes it easier to get the family fed dinner and then portrait-ready and on time for your session.

Summer Glow – Your family always looks perfect, but an added perk to a summer session is that your whole family will have that natural summer glow from spending time outside. Remember to always use sun protection! Curious about what your family should wear? Here’s my resource on what to wear for your summer family portrait session.

Grandma and grandpa with son and granddaughter posing for pictures in field during summer at photo session in Delafield, Wisconsin

Beat the Fall Rush – Fall tends to get very busy for portrait photographers. This is when everyone is thinking about their family photo and Christmas cards. You can beat the fall rush by taking your family portraits in the summer. Plus, how gorgeous will your Christmas card look with your summer-lovin’ family?

Summer family portrait sessions are the best

Consider the Colors in Your Home – I’ve had countless families request fall colors for the backdrop of their family portrait session. I understand why, the fall leaves are beautiful! However, consider where these portraits will live in your home. Do red and orange fit your decor, or do summery colors (blues and greens) work better with the design? It’s definitely something to consider!

Family of four with little dog posing for photos at Bender Beach, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin during summer

Your Portraits are Displayed Before Busy Fall – If we take your family portraits in the summer, you’ll have your portrait artwork up in your home and on display for your fall (Thanksgiving) gatherings. That’s a big task to check off your list, and these portraits will give you happy memories from the summer during the busy fall season.

Framed gallery wall in home of family portraits on Lac la Belle, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Best Summer Family Portraits with Julie Collins Photography 

What better way to spend a beautiful summer day than with your family? After that, we’ll create a custom portrait session where you’ll create wonderful memories with each other as we document your growing family. After the session, we’ll create custom portrait artwork to hang on the walls of your home for you to enjoy every day!

The Julie Collins Photography studio is located in downtown Oconomowoc, WI. This premier portrait studio offers full-service photography to families in the Lake Country, WI area. If you have any questions or wish to schedule your free consultation, please send me a message here. 

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