Could this family be any more photogenic?  I think not.  And so much fun to be around too.  Brittany (mom) dreams up fun ideas for her sessions and this J-O-Y (below) was one of them.  Surely she likes Pinterest.  🙂  Who doesn’t?  What is the funniest part (to me) is that their oldest daughter is accident prone and broke the Y before I was even able to snap one picture.  I’m sure that Brittany did not find my laughter at the time funny but I just couldn’t help it.  I know that I can “fix it” anyway after the fact and it is just so “her!”  I’ve known this about Emberly for a while now so it was almost expected that something like this would happen.  I reassured mom that it wasn’t a big deal and nobody would ever know.  Can you tell?  Emberly just held it together, I used a bit of Photoshop magic and voila!  Perfect Y.  Perfect holiday card!
We combined some studio shots during the first half of their session to capture little sister Nora’s six month milestone.  Did these in their living room!  Look at that cute tushie!  We finished out the second half of the session at a lovely little spot in Dousman where I love to take families.  We had fantastic weather for this time of year (November at the time) and a beautiful sunset.  The family requested I not post any until holiday cards came out so I’ve been hanging on to these for a while now.  I was especially excited to receive theirs in the mail to know it was safe to share!
Knuteson 1 Knuteson 2 Knuteson 3 Knuteson 4 Knuteson 5 Knuteson 6 Knuteson 7 Knuteson 8 Knuteson 9 Knuteson 10

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