Baby Louie’s cute name matches his personality.  He was the dreamiest newborn and I could have spent days and days just staring at and photographing him.  He was so sleepy, sweet and just all around perfect!  And look at all of that hair!  I had just met his parents for the first time that day and they were equally awesome.  He is one lucky little boy!  I always allow my newborn clients to take a peek at my prop gallery to let me know some of their favorites well before the session.  This helps me plan the session around items that appeal to the family instead of just choosing whatever.   I hadn’t used the nest in a while but Louie rocked it.  Mom brought out the cute moose hat and asked that I use it.  They turned out so wintery and cute!  I’m guessing that their holiday card/announcement will for sure stand out among the rest!  The images you see below are pretty typical for what my newborn galleries are like…two different blanket set ups, two different prop set ups and mom and dad shots as well as sibling shots (Louie isn’t currently sharing the spotlight with any siblings however).  Some families choose to forego props and prefer extra blanket shots or more of a lifestyle newborn session.  The great news is no matter which way you go your images are always beautiful and custom designed to match your taste.  I just love little Louie’s gallery!  I did scale it down a bit from all that the family ordered for blogging purposes but you can see many of them below!Pfeffer blog 1 Pfeffer blog 2 Pfeffer blog 3 Pfeffer blog 4 Pfeffer blog 5 Pfeffer blog 6 Pfeffer blog 7 Pfeffer blog 8 Pfeffer blog 9 Pfeffer blog 10 Pfeffer blog 11 Pfeffer blog 12 Pfeffer blog 13 Pfeffer blog 14 Pfeffer blog 15 Pfeffer blog 16 Pfeffer blog 17 Pfeffer blog 19Pfeffer blog 18 Pfeffer blog 20 Pfeffer blog 21Wisconsin newborn photo Pfeffer blog 22 Pfeffer blog 23 Pfeffer blog 24 Pfeffer blog 25 Pfeffer blog 26 Pfeffer blog 27

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