Your Milestone Guide

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! This monumental change in your family occurs very few times in your lifetime. It’s no wonder you’re looking into professional portraiture to ensure you capture these fleeting moments. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child grows and changes throughout that first year, and these images will be ones you treasure for a lifetime!

I want you to soak in every moment with your baby without worrying about documenting every milestone. Yes, you’ll take many photos on your phone, but I’m talking about preserving each big milestone through cherished portrait artwork. 

After your newborn portrait session, there are three major milestones during your child’s first year. This guide will help you understand each one and decide which ones you’d like to document.


You’ll rest easy knowing that we can preserve each of these milestones for you without adding anything to your already full plate.

Baby’s Milestone Guide 

Remember, every child develops differently! Your child might reach a certain milestone before or after an age. This is simply meant as a guide for you. 

4 Months – Your sleepy, snuggly newborn baby is now a busy infant! Your baby will start to smile at you, hold their head up high, and likely discover their cute feet. Families love holding onto the memory of their baby’s gummy smile and those adorable chubby cheeks.

6-7 Months – You’ll be surprised at how much your little one has grown in just a few months. Between 6-7 months your baby will demonstrate some new “tricks” like sitting up unassisted, and eating food. This milestone session is my favorite and likely will be yours too.

1 Year – First birthday portrait sessions are always a lot of fun! Your baby is now officially a toddler. We’ll document how (s)he is on the move. Some children are crawling, scooting, or even walking by their first birthday. You’ll treasure having this portrait to look back on as the years go by.

Beautifully Coordinated Portrait Artwork of Your Baby

You will love having custom portrait artwork made up of the images from your baby’s milestone sessions to look back on that tells the story of your baby’s first year. Not to mention that someday, you’ll be able to pass it down to future generations.

Having beautiful curated memories of your baby’s first year is something you’ll never regret. Just imagine snuggling close with your child and looking through their own keepsake image box.

Portrait Artwork Options

  • Heirloom book set
  • Wall gallery
  • Statement pieces
  • Keepsake image box

Each piece is custom and professionally crafted with the highest quality material and will last decades. It will outlive any iPhone or flash drive with images. 

The JCP Baby Plan 

If you’re thinking about choosing the JCP Baby Plan, now is the time! My Baby Plan clients receive priority booking with each session to ensure we can capture each milestone. 

Questions? Let Me Know!

You’re always welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns. I’m here to help. You can email me at julie@juliecollinsphoto.com or call me at (414) 243-2695.

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